Salesforce iPad App Reviewed

Since most sales tasks occur away from the desk, the new Salesforce iPad app allows marketing executives to continue working on crucial tasks while moving and still be able to update colleagues on the progress of deals. Essentially, the iPad app allows a sales team to work more closely and sign more deals while they are far from each other. It is especially more significant for sales executives working with prospective clients in the field. Users can either login directly into their sales force account using their safari browser or install the sales force touch app from apple store; both ways require your device to have iOS5.0 or higher. Special Features on the Salesforce App While out in the field, a marketer may have a busy day, the sales app is optimized to allow easy use of the touch screen. It provides spontaneous commands and fewer clicks. This helps you save time and concentrate more on the important stuff. With this ipad app you can access the following from the comfort of your iPad while on the go:
  • Access your Salesforce account, contacts, current opportunities, tasks and chatter objects.
  • Create new data and edit old records.
  •  Instantly search for needed records with ease.
  •  Engage with custom fields, triggers, related lists and validation rules crucial to your daily work.
  •  Preview all recently viewed places on your tabs.
For people who do not want to install additional apps on their iPads, the safari mobile version can be a great idea. However, the downloading the sales force app makes work much easier since it saves and restores your session each time- you do not have to login each time you open the app. App to Help you Stop Doing Things Manually It is easy to conclude that the sales force app helps you do almost everything, but honestly it does. For instance it enables you to find an app that can help you turn data into spreadsheets with minimal hustle. You can also improvise an app that allows you to log emails with clients so that you and your client are always up-to-date with new developments. It is also possible to run reports about the usage of your files, which ones are busy and which ones are not; this helps you what to delete. Furthermore, relationship mapping apps help you recognize key connections in your circles and connect more with them. Finally the apps help you by notifying you on the progress of projects- they notify you is a project is complete or long overdue. Bottom Line: Salient Advice This is not your regular app. It is unique, easy to use and very productive in the end. Other than allowing you to offer services to your colleague remotely it also saves you the burden of manual work by automating your activities. The app will significantly increase sales since it allows people to be at work whilst they are away. There is no better app for marketers who work in the field that the Salesforce iPad app.  
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