Salesforce KPI Dashboard- Extensive Review

Salesforce KPI dashboard is a comprehensive dashboard, and it is mainly targeted for service executives. Its main task is to provide greater insight with important trends, and therefore it can also help with various training and staffing decisions. Various executives that are using KPI dashboard on Salesforce can easily monitor their performance against KPIs (key performance indicator), and it will fully help to refine wholesome organization goals by basing it on previous successful performances. Most of the components are fairly self explanatory, and here is a more in-depth analysis and review of Salesforce KPI dashboard. Main Highlights This KPI dashboard contains a wide variety of graphs which can help you to determine full efficiency of operational business. If used properly, a lot of great components and positive aspects could be taken from KPI dashboard. If aiming for right targets, you can easily widen up popularity of your business, and by following trends through it, you can take your business to a whole another level. Trends are fully charted against various goals that can be easily set up through custom formulas on source report. KPI dashboard also features high level overview for all of yours Sales Operations, and it can easily determine efficiency of Sales Organisations. KPI dashboard also has a valuable use to identify areas of management support that are really needed, and to see who is in fact generating business. Tips for Using KPI Dashboard By using KPI dashboard successfully, you simply need to take couple of valuable advices that could be highly important for your future usage of this system. You need to always carefully choose your key dates. By that, it simply means that you need to make fully sure to set appropriate date ranges for dashboard components and source reports. Simply choose the right range which makes most of sense for your business or organization. After choosing proper key dates, you also need to choose an appropriate drill down behavior. By setting Drill Down to an option, you simply start to control where your users are being sent once they finally click on right component. Drill option is mainly done to send various users to source report, which is something like Cases Closed MTD. And finally, you need to know how to properly show totals. This means that for every donut gauge or chart, you need to select on option called ‘Show Total’, so it could be appropriately displayed onto component. Also, you need to take a notice to know that once you are downloading this dashboard to org, you need to be ensured that only admin’s profile can get an access for this application. That way, you will be secured that only admin can see this dashboard, and have a wholesome access to all of relevant reports on it. Summary To summarize up, we have come to the conclusion that KPI dashboard has numerous positive perks and benefits, so it is highly recommendable for anyone who uses Salesforce. Salesforce KPI dashboard is simply a top notch program which can help you to improve your business. More relevant information is available onĀ how to create a dashboard in salesforce page.
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