Salesforce Lightning is Now Available for Marketing

Earlier this year Salesforce introduced Lightning to its Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Now Salesforce is ready to add Marketing Cloud Lightning to the mix. The Marketing Cloud includes tools and solutions for advertising, emails, mobile and many other marketing tools. The added aspect of Lightning for Marketing is meant to streamline interactions with customers from beginning to end.  

Consistent User Experience

Salesforce believes that Marketing Cloud Lightning will provide a more “modern and intelligent” user experience. The improved experience will result in faster working and more intelligent marketing decisions to get better results.  

App Building

One of the more impressive features of Lightning is the ability to create personalized apps. Companies have the ability to create drag-and-drop apps that meet their specific needs. Salesforce plans to deliver added email functionality as well as journey capabilities. Businesses will be able to gain insight as to when an email is being opened or how many emails have been opened.

Predictive Journeys

In addition to Salesforce data, marketers will be able to use data science to analyze web history and purchase history. Combined with the knowledge from Salesforce, like service hold times and customer satisfactions scores, marketers will have a clearer picture to anticipate customer behavior.  

Automated Journey

Marketing Cloud Lightning turns any activity into a customer journey. If a customer clicks on a Facebook Lead Ad, the journey will be routed back to Salesforce, now with added customer insight from Facebook user shares. If a user indicates they are not satisfied in a follow-up purchase email, a new case will be automatically opened.  

The Need to Improve Customer Experience

Businesses that want to increase sales and perform well need to understand that leading businesses put customer experience first. This is what Salesforce Lightning is attempting to do, appeal to the need to improve customer experience and boost sales.   I have sent Salesforce the following question: “How can businesses leverage their new Lightning tools to produce more effective ad campaigns?” I will make sure to update when I’ll get a response.   
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