Salesforce Loses Customer Data. Will Salesforce Lose Customers?

Last week some Salesforce clients were unable to access their data due to a database failure. Salesforce reassured customers that only a small percentage of customers were affected from the database failure, while majority were widely unaffected.   When Salesforce attempted to fix the file, which was thought to be a file integrity issue, the company backed up to 4 hours prior, but lost 5 hours worth of data during the interruption.   Salesforce stated on their Trust page “The service disruption was caused by a database failure on the NA14 instance, which introduced a file integrity issue in the NA14 database. The issue was resolved by restoring NA14 from a prior backup, which was not impacted by the file integrity issues. We have determined that data written to the NA14 instance between 9:53 UTC and 14:53 UTC on May 10, 2016 could not be restored.”   In an effort to appease clients, CEO, Mark Benioff replied to upset customers via Twitter. benioff Although having the CEO offer to help is a great crisis-management strategy, how will Salesforce compensate customers who were affected by the data loss. Customers need to feel confident that their tools and software will run smoothly and increase productivity, not decrease.   Now I wonder how does Salesforce intend to improve their data loss prevention in order to take the proper steps to ensure there are no further instances such as this one? I will update when I receive a reply.  
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