Salesforce Mass Email Contacts And Keep Leads Warm

Building and fostering relationships with leads, clients, partners and even vendors is extremely vital for business organizations. As such, email is still the preferred avenue that most of these entities settle for. Salesforce offers the native salesforce mass email function to cater for their clients’ requirements. This enables the latter to send messages from their salesforce mass email contacts list whenever they wish.

Salesforce Mass Email Governor Restrictions

However, there are certain governor limitations when it comes to utilizing the salesforce mass emailing feature. These determine the exact number of email blasts you can send to your leads or contacts. Currently, you can only send up to 250 mass emails daily if you are using the professional edition. If you are using the enterprise edition, you are allowed to send up to 500 mass emails daily. Alternatively, if you are using the unlimited edition, you can send a maximum of 1,000 mass emails on a daily basis.

Why Are These Governor Restrictions in Place?

These limitations have been set up to ensure the optimal deliverability of the mass emails salesforce clients’ send. Basically, salesforce isn’t keen on “rogue” clients sending an inordinate number of unsuitable emails. This usually culminates in ISPs having their users flagging such emails as spam, which can get salesforce servers been blacklisted. Which in turn means that their clients will not be able to dispatch emails to their recipients who might be using such ISPs.

Despite all this, the salesforce mass email contacts function is still very useful. For one, it allows the logging of emails as complete activities against leads or contacts. The subject of such activities will by default be tagged as a mass email. Nevertheless, you can populate the descriptions field on the templates you utilize. This will permit you to identify just which mass emails were dispatched to your prospects and clients.

Sending Salesforce Mass Email Contacts Guide

You can use the salesforce import users function to select the recipients of your mass emails. For contacts, go to the tools section and click on the mass email contacts option. For leads, go to the tools section and select mass emails leads. The next step will be checking the list view of your recipients. By default, all the recipients in the list view will be selected. To avoid this, you should deselect those who you wish to exclude.

You will next have to choose the available email templates you can use. It is important to note that Visualforce templates can’t be utilized for mass emailing. Next, you will be directed to the confirmation page, where you can select procession options, store activities for each message, utilize your signature or key in the names of the mass emails. Finally, you will have to decide on delivery options. This can either be immediate delivery or scheduling a time and date for the delivery.

Should your organization’s salesforce mass email contacts requirements be more intricate than what the native mass emailing function can handle, you need not fret. The AppExchange offers numerous mass email applications, which can all be integrated into the CRM. Many of them permit the creation of segmented lists, creation, and distribution of customized email templates and even tracking of post-drop activities. Finally, it is critical to note that attachments are sent as links in the native mass email feature, and kept active for not more than 30 days. You should, therefore, ensure your recipient have the right salesforce browser support to open and view them.

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