Salesforce Mass Email – Everything You Need to Know

The following is a Salesforce mass email review that is specifically geared towards those individuals that may be perhaps in the dark over what this critical functionality offers. To begin with, forming and cultivating relationships with your contacts is extremely important to the long term success of your business organization. Sending emails happens to be one of the most effective channels for doing this. Salesforce fully understands this, and has gone out of its way to facilitate for an easy and highly convenient way of carrying out these critical communication functions.

Salesforce Mass Email – Everything You Need to Know

Effectively leverage Salesforce powerful communications infrastructure The mass emailing applications of these CRM tool are loaded with unique and advantageous features. Which automatically enable users to draw on the dynamic Salesforce communications infrastructure capabilities. In essence, there are basically two options when it comes to sending mass emails from this application. These are simply by utilizing the Salesforce native mass emailing functionality or taking advantage of the extensive AppExchange suite of email marketing applications. With that firmly understood let us now take a much closer look at what both of these options have to offer.

Native Salesforce mass Emails

This option permits you to effortlessly and conveniently send mass emails to your recipient list, which can comprise of leads, contacts, person accounts and even other Salesforce users that you can view on your system. When it comes to the creation of these messages, Salesforce native mass emailing functionalities offer an ingenious way of doing so which will be covered next.

Native Salesforce Mass Email Templates

This CRM application offers three basic kinds of email templates from within it, which are text, HTML and visualforce. The first two can also be made to appear more professional by integrating a letterhead that can consist of your firm’s distinct branding, logo and also an “emphasized” message. You can then easily merge such a letterhead with all your mail fields whenever you send mass emails to your various recipients. However, while it may be extremely easy to create text and HTML mass emails templates that feature a letterhead, these two options usually present limited design options. And this is where visualforce comes into play.

Visualforce Mass Emails

This intuitive functionality allows users to tap into this CRM application’s advanced merging capabilities with their various recipients’ data. Which definitely means that the content of such emails can comprise of in-depth information drawn from multiple relevant Salesforce records. This at one go permits you to create and send highly personalized mass emails whenever you wish to do so.

Salesforce Mass Email Tracking

By using Salesforce you will find yourself in a good position to effortlessly keep track of all the mass emails you dispatch. This includes real time monitoring of the time all your emails are delivered. Which ones were opened, the specific date they were opened and also the number of times they were viewed by your recipients. The detail pages for all your contacts, leads and person accounts come with HTML email status updates that can enable you to track the activities of your recipients. This also includes automatically generated emails like those that you sent via web to lead and web to case response rules. As most seasoned businesspersons would readily know these happen to be very critical metrics that can allow you to accurately ascertain the effectualness of your mass emails sent from salesforce.

Salesforce Mass Email Volume

The volume of emails you can send each day varies with the exact version of Salesforce you may be making use of. For instance, the Salesforce unlimited edition permits the sending of a maximum of one thousand email per day. While the Salesforce enterprise edition allows the sending of up to five hundred external emails on a daily basis. The view limits of such emails also vary from one Salesforce version to the other. To effectively work around this challenge , particularly if you have a considerable recipient list, you can do the following. You may segment your mass emails into smaller batches and proceed to dispatch them over a given number of days. On the other hand, this might not be a feasible option for those users whose emails carry time sensitive sales or marketing content. Related information is available on merging contacts in salesforce page.

The AppExchange Email Marketing Capabilities

This one of a kind Salesforce solution of mass emailing offers highly advanced options when compared with those of native mass emailing. You will be in an excellent position to create segmented lists, build and distribute highly customized email templates Salesforce. While also been able to monitor real time post drop activity of all the emails you dispatch.

Salesforce for Outlook

This is a Microsoft Outlook integration app that can permit you to sync all your contacts, events as well as tasks between your Salesforce CRM and your MS Outlook account. This handy application also offers the ability to add Outlook emails, attachments and events to multiple Salesforce contacts. While at the same time by making use of this application, you can be in a position to view relevant Salesforce records linked to your contacts and leads, directly from your Outlook application.

White List

It is finally important for you to understand that all mass emails sent from your Salesforce CRM are by default not white listed. This for those who may perhaps not be in the know simply means that the emails you send to your recipients may end up in their respective spam folders.


As you can see for yourself, it can be an extremely logical and convenient decision to make use of Salesforce mass email capabilities. By doing this you will be in an excellent position of sending a considerable number of emails to your contacts, leads and person accounts right from your CRM application. Which presents a hassle-free mode of building highly profitable relationships with them. Through Salesforce Mass email, you will be able to keep track of the efficacy of your mass emails and be in a position to accurately gather critical insight on which mass mailing strategy to employ in your firm’s marketing and sales operations.  
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