How To: Salesforce Merge Accounts With Different Names

The following is a step by step guide on creating Salesforce merge accounts with different names, for those who may be struggling with this particular issue. The skills of effectively handling duplicate accounts in any database management system like Salesforce is a critical necessity. Having multiple duplicate accounts can wreak havoc on the integrity of data or records you manage. These issues are, for the most part, attributed to multiple users creating objects whose details are already saved in the system. On the other hand, periodic glitches in the system’s functionality can also give rise to multiple, similar entries with dissimilar account names.

At the same time, a contact, like a business associate can change their name, and your users can go on to create a duplicated record utilizing the new name. In essence, the merging of such contact fields necessitates too many steps, and the only way to carry out such a task is to rename one of the accounts. This will allow both of them to appear in the merge search results. Technically speaking, Salesforce is yet to put in place a clear cut solution to comprehensively address this kind of duplicate accounts merging. Nevertheless, there is still an effective way to create Salesforce merge accounts, despite each having different account names. Well, without further ado, let us get to it.

The Prerequisites of Merging Salesforce Accounts With Different Names

To be able to create Salesforce merge accounts with different names, you will first have to meet the following requirements. To begin with, you will need to be using either one of the below Salesforce editions. This includes the business, enterprise, developer or even the unlimited editions for personal accounts. Additionally, you will need to be in possession of read and delete permissions for both the accounts and contacts that you work with. Meeting all these requirements will enable the process about to be outlined to work efficiently. Should you perhaps be using any of the above-listed Salesforce editions, yet lack the prerequisites read and delete permissions, please consult with your system administrator.

How to Create Salesforce Merge Accounts With Different Names

In strict accordance with Salesforce video tutorials, to be in a position of merging duplicate accounts, you will have to head to the accounts tab. Once there, navigate to the merge accounts options found in the tools section You will then be automatically prompted to input a search string to find the duplicate accounts you wish to merge. This search string is quite simply some text, which is accompanied with a single or two characters.

So What Does it All Mean?

It is important to note that the wildcard (*) is also usable to obtain the results you want. Once you get the given duplicate accounts, the ideal Salesforce trigger best practices are to include the term “merge” in front of the duplicate account names. After doing this, you should initiate the merge process, and proceed to search for the term “merge”, before checking off the accounts you wish to merge and complete the process. Finally, delete the term merge from the merged account name.

Since Salesforce doesn’t provide a feature for creating Salesforce merge accounts with different names performing this task can be very daunting. However, by using this interim solution, you will be able to maintain the absolute integrity of your contact records.

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