Salesforce MVP Roy Gilad’s Tip of the Month

Naming conventions are very common in the domain of programming , but you should definitely start use naming convention in your Declarative logic as well.  This will keep things organized and help your peers know where everything stands. The way I found best for naming declarative tools: Workflow, Process Builder, Filed Update and even an email template, should be the first word of the name of the object you’re referring to. After that, add an informative description in an “action” style – what was done and what needs to be done. This will make searching and finding these items easier, as well as deploying them using change-sets. Moreover, it’ll save valuable time, as you’ll be able to know the meaning of each item just by looking at their names. This will also have a growing impact as your organization grows. image (9)     image (10)
Roy is a veteran Salesforce Expert with record of designing, building and delivering enterprise applications, CRM and admin systems using the Salesforce platform. Roy is the Israeli Salesforce User Group Leader and Director of Business Operations and Vertical Products at WalkMe.