Salesforce Reporting Tools You Need to Know About

Creating reports from the numerous sales data on Salesforce can be difficult, which is why you  should be aware of Salesforce reporting tools. These tools are meant to make it easier to combine and analyze this data as well as produce quality reports. These reports can then be shared inside and outside the organization.

Salesforce Reporting Tools You Need to Know About

1. TableTop

TableTop software reporting tool created by the Dream factory and released in 2006. TableTop is used to create data cockpits that are highly interactive, authoritative reports and executive dashboards. Reporting as well as visualization is enhanced by the tool’s provision on salesforce, a native web 2.0 skin. This user experience enables the data cockpits performance to remain high with the efficiency of a single screen.

This tool makes it possible for executives to gain access to pertinent information regarding their business whenever they need to. It also makes sharing of this information simple and fast.

You can easily acquire TableTop from the AppExchange. Support is provided to users via the internet to help you get started as well as training at no cost.

Other features include the capability to share live reports as well as dashboards within and without the company. The data visuals saved in form of a selected list, an active filter or a static snapshot can also be shared this way. The visuals are highly graphic with drill down capability for charts as well as the elements of pivot table. Other functions include the write back ability and the filter component which is quite robust.

TableTop is ideal for use by managers in marketing and sales to develop powerful reports and make their data views interactive.

2. SiSense business intelligence

The Sisense business intelligence software has become quite popular because it does not need to be programmed, codded or scripted for it to connect with salesforce. It has its connectors built inside it.

Using the drag and drop option, one an easily combine different data sources. Visualization and analysis of large sets of data on a large scale on salesforce is made quite easy too. This is also possible when using multiple sourced sets of data. The data being connected to includes that from finance, marketing and from sales. The dashboard is user friendly which promotes ease of use. One can get a trial of the software for free with a very easy joining procedure.

This business intelligence software allows for one to create a report by bringing together data from various sources. One can then carry out important analysis using the interactive dashboards.

The sources for the data used for a single report range from the data from excel, Google programs and whichever form of database one wants to use. Data visuals are made more interactive by linking the data to the variety of configured visual tools. The visual tools include geographical maps, line and pie charts, scatter plots and so much more to help filter and quickly analyze data.

The reports made can be shared without having to install plug-ins. This sharing is made possible through the use of the mobile device of your choice. Alternatively, the reports can be shared via web browsers or

Making a report is easy especially for beginners because they do not need any codes or expert help. One simply needs to make use of the drag and drop functions.

Queries are responded to in no time regardless of the quantity of data one is working with. At a set time, the reports will be refreshed automatically or one can also choose to do it manually.

3. ZOHO reports

ZOHO reports is a service used for reporting and provides for business intelligence as well. Open API and Google Apps are the platforms supported by this reporting tool. With the help of this software, one is able to get to know more from their business data. Without needing any IT assistance, managers can easily develop reports and share them within the organization as well as with those outside the organization.

Data from the conventional applications, the internet and spreadsheets can be synchronized with the use of the ZOHO reports.

Used for analyzing and reporting, the tool can be adopted by users in various industries including those in nonprofit organizations and freelancers. It has been made for use by the large, midsize and small business managers.

4. Looker

Looker makes it possible to look for, study data and create reports as well as dashboards. All these can then be shared fast and easily too. This is a platform for business intelligence and has in it an application server that is focused on analytics.

Data exploration is made possible by the end user interface. Other features include a development paradigm that is reusable and APIs used for integrating with other applications. The graphs, dashboards, reports and charts can be customized and the dashboards made can be accessed using any device. One can as well get connected to the SQL database of their choice in real time. The IDE is current which enables for responsive development. Dashboards information ia available on the wat of creating dashboards in salesforce page.

Looker can be used by large, small and medium sized businesses as well as the nonprofit organizations. It can be used with Windows and Mac and it is internet based. Looker is available in English and the support options include support online and Knowledge Base.


For quality schedule reports salesforce suggested, consider tools that will not need a lot of training to learn how to use them. Complex tools reduce the morale of the team to get to learn and adopt the software. Having a tool with visuals is also crucial but most importantly, one should learn how to use them appropriately.

Go for the reporting tools that will enable you to share the reports fast. Some of the applications will also make it possible for you to preset the time you want the reports sent. You should be able to access historical business data and use it to make predictions. Other than creating and sharing reports, you may need to delete a large number of reports. It’s important to select a Salesforce reporting tool that will make mass deletion of reports easy and give you the option of going through them on how creating reports in salesforce will level your business up.

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