WalkMe SuperEdit: Finally, Inline Editing on Salesforce Reports!

Salesforce is a powerful tool but it is far from perfect. One such imperfection I hear of quite often is the hassle of editing record details while viewing reports.   As it stands now, if you’re looking at a report and want to change any detail of a record–which happens a lot–you have to navigate to the individual record, change the information, and save before you can go back to seeing the big picture. It’s tedious, slow, and there should be a better way.   After all, we want to spend more time producing and less time maintaining.   Fortunately, WalkMe is here to save the day (Cue superhero soundtrack) with the recently released WalkMe SuperTool: SuperEdit!  

Why Every Salesforce User Needs SuperEdit

A small change should not take a large effort, but as it stands, modifying a detail as small as (and as important as) a lead status requires a multi-step process. The problem is compounded each time a record needs to be modified.   The complexity of changing records means that reports can be prone to errors dependent on the tech-proficiency of the user.   The time it takes to open each individual record in turn or manage multiple tabs, is all time that could be spent on more productive work, like actually making sales calls.   And the tedious process of changing a record detail makes it difficult to keep records up to date which can have a direct impact on sales.  

Salesforce Users Demand Inline Editing

For more than nine years, Salesforce users have requested inline editing within reports but the cloud CRM leader has yet to prioritize this much needed feature.   Even with three updates released ever year, there is still no indication that inline report editing will be released in the near future.   But this doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. The WalkMe team developed a way for their internal Salesforce users to be more efficient with inline report editing, and are now sharing their secret with all Salesforce users.  

How to Start Inline Editing in Salesforce Reports Today

Any Salesforce user can quickly enable inline editing using WalkMe SuperEdit.   By installing the free WalkMe Extension, Salesforce users can skip the extra navigation and begin editing records directly on the report with one click as part of the SuperTools suite.   superedit_salesforce_supertool   Start using SuperEdit now by clicking here to install the browser extension. Installing is as simple as a signing up and clicking yes.   SuperEdit has been a tremendous productivity booster (and headache reducer) around our office and I’m excited to see how much this helps everyone else in the Salesforce community.   The developers who came up with SuperEdit are heroes around our office, so be sure to share SuperEdit with your colleagues to be the hero of your office too!  
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