Salesforce Syncs with Google Calendar

We all know that Google and their calendar system is awesome. We also know that Salesforce boasts an excellent CRM system. Combining these two would be a marriage made in heaven, right? So, how do you sync Salesforce with Google Calendar. Well, Unfortunately, you can’t sync these systems. Not yet, that is. But, don’t fret; Salesforce is already working on a proposal. So, I will talk about the features they will offer in the future, when the function is available to the public. Salesforce aims to have a cyclical system. Users would be able to schedule sales and other functions within their CRM platform and Google calendar would then be automatically updated. So, what’s the advantage of having both of them work together? Google has native apps for their own mobile OS, Android, Blackberry and iOS . You can edit and update your calendar from any mobile platform. You can’t currently do that with Salesforce. But, if Google is synced to Salesforce, the change made to Google’s calendar will automatically transfer to and from Salesforce CRM. When the option to sync Salesforce with Google calendar becomes available, I will be the first one to let you know!  
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