The Top 4 Best Salesforce Training Options to Try

In the development of the science of customer relationship management, various tools such as Salesforce CRM have been created to efficiently analyze and manage the interactions between businesses and their clients throughout the lifecycle of their association.

The intention of Salesforce is to personalize this interaction so as to acquire and retain customers by understanding their needs based on various queries that they may pose as they seek to satisfy their requirements. A personalized approach to marketing has proved to increase conversion rates of such queries to real tangible sales. As such, extensive efforts have been made to globalize the software and some Salesforce training methods have come to prominence.

For any business to prosper, the end goal always should be the actualization of a sale whether it is for a product or a service. In short, the interaction is only really fruitful if it eventually translates into dollar sales.. The method of training in the required CRM skills preferred depends predominantly on the accessibility and cost.

The Best Salesforce Training Methods

Expert or Instructor-Led Training

Salesforce has endeavored to set up physical training centers where individual clients and corporate staff can attend personally attend class to get the best Salesforce training from the experts themselves. These instructors are employed by the parent company and will teach interested parties in a face to face interactive setting with Salesforce training material. The training is hands-on and sessions lasting from 1 to 5 days cost between $850 and $4,250 for the full session.

In these training sessions, participants learn how to customize apps to enable business enterprises to communicate and connect efficiently with their employees and their customers. Learners will learn how to custom and design secure software infrastructure for their customer service needs. For companies, on-site training can be arranged so that the entire organization from sales and support staff to marketing managers and executives get holistic salesforce CRM training. A certification is awarded at the end of the program.

Online Salesforce Training

In a vast majority of cases, interested parties willing to undertake training on the Salesforce program may not be able to physically attend expert-led training sessions. They may be too far away from these centers, busy or just cannot afford a full session in one go to take advantage of them. The next best training alternative for them would probably to try online. The internet has gained good penetration in most of the world and is accessible to a greater number of people across most countries.

Salesforce has pioneered a program, TrailHead, which is a free online platform that allows users to test and develop their own applications on the internet. Additionally, there is a community, the Salesforce Development Community (SFDC) that enables interested individuals to interact with other people so that they can share their apps and learn from each other. A great advantage of this option is that users can develop and update their profiles so that in case they change jobs or location, they still retain them so that prospective employers can still confirm their level of competence.

There is also an abundance of Salesforce training videos and YouTube videos that instruct on various aspects of the salesforce program. There are videos explaining how to perform Objects, VisualForce, Apex, SOSL and SOQL and other Salesforce functions, all accessible at the touch of a few buttons. These are largely available online for free.

On The Job Experience

Educators the world over have for a long time attested to the fact that practical experience is one of the best learning avenues that an individual can utilize to acquire and perfect a skill. The act of physically engaging in what you have learned theoretically and in a working environment enhances the retention levels of the individual. For an individual short of funds, or one simply more attuned to learning by doing, this could the best Salesforce training they could hope for.


Guidance engagement platform WalkMe has further simplified the learning process for using Salesforce. It is a plug-in that can be easily incorporated into any software program. It allows site owners and marketing personnel to add step-by-step instructions at any point in the program to guide users on the next step forward by creating WalkThrus which appear as balloons on the end user’s screen. These can be customized to match the website design by changing their shape, position, and color.

The simplicity it offers greatly reduces training times and shortens the learning curve as the user gets a visual aid that is easily remembered. The result is that users experience fewer interruptions allowing them to work efficiently and be able to complete even the most complex of tasks without constant reference to a supervisor or trainer. Productivity is therefore increased and requests to the Salesforce helpdesk are reduced to a minimum. Further, WalkMe ensures that learning is an interactive and continuous process. All this makes it one of the best Salesforce training options available.

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