The Complete Salesforce Tutorial for Developers

If you are a Salesforce developer or you are preparing for the Developer Exam then you will agree that sometimes things can be a little bit stressful. No matter how good or experienced you might be with the Salesforce CRM things might still get a little bit tough for you and so you need some additional help. The Salesforce tutorial for developers has been designed for the ordinary developer in mind, and so it is aimed at making things easier for them. Even for those who have never developed on the Salesforce platform, they should be able to do so after going through the tutorial. In short, the tutorial should be aimed to give a developer or a potential developer the basics that they will need to develop successfully on Salesforce.

What topics should the Salesforce Tutorial for Developers Cover?

Ideally the Salesforce tutorial for developers should cover all the Salesforce basics but this is not always possible since the tutorial only lasts for a couple of hours. However, regardless of how long the tutorial might be there are some important aspects that should be covered. For example by going through the tutorial a developer should be able to learn basic things like how to merge leads in Salesforce. Merging leads is one of the things that the developer will be required to handle more often. The Salesforce tutorial for developers should be able to teach a developer the simple steps that are followed in merging leads. Salesforce CTI integration is also one of the other things that a developer will be required to do, and so the tutorial should be able to equip him with this important knowledge. Salesforce is a CRM that will help you track the lead but for the sales process to be successful, a CTI is important as it lets you make the actual contact with the client. The two have to be integrated for effective sales, and so a developer should be well trained to do this. Other topics that a good Salesforce tutorial for beginners and developers should cover include Use of SOQL and DML to query, Creating Batch Processes, Lessons on how to create custom objects and many more relevant topics.

Why is it important for developers to take the tutorial?

The tutorial will help the developer to utilize the software to its fullest. The main reason Salesforce works well for some businesses and not for others is because some do not utilize it to the fullest. By going through the Salesforce tutorial for developers, the developer will learn valuable tips and tricks on how to use this fantastic software to the fullest. The tutorial requires no prior knowledge of Salesforce development (but prior knowledge of Salesforce administration will be necessary) as it teaches most of the things from scratch. Due to this, the developer can use this tutorial as a refresher for some of the things that they might have forgotten or that they missed during previous training. The Salesforce tutorial for beginners is very fast and convenient as it typically lasts a couple of hours. Depending on the type of program you enroll in most will take between 5 to 6 hours of training or an average of 40 lessons.
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