The Benefits of Salesforce Video Tutorials

Salesforce is definitely the most popular CRM plan available in the market and many businesses already reap the benefits it brings. Although Salesforce CRM is generally easy to use, there are various challenges encountered in the process. .

Fortunately, you can find several training resources including Salesforce video tutorials that teach users how to accomplish specific tasks ranging from how to check Salesforce edition to Salesforce tips and tricks. Most Salesforce tasks are easy to accomplish even without watching video tutorials. However, tasks like creating dashboards in Salesforce involve potentially ambiguous steps that only a video can illustrate to the simplest form.

Tips and The Benefits of Salesforce Video Tutorials

Quick Learning

The advantages of watching video tutorials are quite obvious and straightforward. You are simply looking to learn something new without having to read all the little details about why something has to be done a specific way. Whereas reading articles and resources is comparable to taking a theory class, watching videos is like taking a practical lesson.

It allows users to learn much quicker than with reading especially since videos contain both the theory (audio) as well as visuals of what the processes and steps are. You can simply pause and follow the instructions to see if your windows and results resemble what the tutorial illustrates. It also makes it easier to understand the terms, features and icons whose names and characteristics are described in an ambiguous way in writing. Salesforce video tutorials are the quickest way to learn how to accomplish different tasks in Salesforce CRM.

Videos are Accurate

Articles and posts about DIYs can be fabled and spun content without any important value. Not everything you read about Salesforce in the internet is true and while elements of truth can be found in most posts, some contain bulk words and repetitive phrases that consume your time reading without finding the thing you are looking for.

Videos on the other hand are hard to spin. They are often straight to the point and demonstrate how to achieve the tasks leaving little time for story-telling and making up fables. Of course some people will make cheap videos just to monetize them with links and receive commissions. However, such videos will not get many views. Poor visual impressions are horrible to tolerate and withstand which is why many strive to produce a high quality tutorial video.

Free Learning Resources

Most Salesforce video tutorials are freely available in platforms such as YouTube. Finding videos about a specific topic should not be a daunting task. However, videos exist in varying qualities and many free videos depict undesirable quality. Finding high quality videos with clear visuals and graphics should be your priority. Nonetheless, tutorial videos exist in abundance and you can get different points of view from different people.


There are many other minor benefits of Salesforce video tutorials. You can download them and watch them offline or share them with all your users to help them handle different tasks. Watching a video is much more interesting and calming than reading through blocks of texts. It also increases the intensity of learning and reduces the ambiguity of written words to something easily understood since you see every step and what each click results in.

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