Why Salesforce’s First Major Dreamforce ’16 Announcement Is Huge News For Developers

No one can beat Salesforce when it comes to kicking off events with a blast, and this time, the blast is aimed at Salesforce Developers; The CRM giant has just unveiled Salesforce DX, a fresh and exciting experience for Developers, in which partners can continuously deliver innovative apps faster than ever. Salesforce DX enables Developers to build with their tools of choice including Git, Selenium, Eclipse, Sublime, and more, and also includes an updated Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) that significantly expands the value of the toolset to developers. One of the most exciting features DX is offering Developers is Scratch Orgs: this new type of Salesforce environment is a source-driven and disposable deployment of Salesforce code and metadata. It is fully configurable, allowing developers to emulate different editions with different features and preferences, playing a critical role in driving developer productivity and collaboration during the development process. They can also be used as part of automated testing and the implementation of a full continuous integration suite. The unveiling of Salesforce DX is definitely an awesome opening shot for Dreamforce, and it offers a brand new world of opportunities for both Salesforce Developers and Salesforce Partners. With this announcement as a first course, we’re super excited to see what else is in store for this year’s Dreamforce!
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