3 Ways to Save Time by Creating Email Templates in Salesforce

Creating email templates in Salesforce is one of the most important aspects of using this CRM platform. You will save a lot of time when you use Salesforce email templates. This will help you, even more if you have a substantial online email presence. It will save you from the hassle of drafting an email whenever you want to send it. We assume dear readers that you are not here asking What is Salesforce? You know that and you should also know that you do not have to be an Admin to create the templates.


Types Of Email Templates

When you are creating email templates in Salesforce, you can do so in four different ways. These are the four types of email templates that you could ever want to use in Salesforce and include the following;

* HTML. This one will need you to use the Letterhead. The users and the Admin that have permission to Edit HTML Templates can develop the HTML email templates that are made on the basis of the letterhead. * Text. Every user can change or create the text email templates. * Visualforce. This one is developed by the Developers and the Admins, and they allow for advanced merging with recipient data. Here, the template content can contain the info from different records. * Custom HTML. This is similar to the HTML templates, but you will need to obtain the HTML code, or know it to insert the email template.

Each of the mentioned templates will have merge fields for customization, text, or other attached files. Here are the three ways you can save time by creating the email templates in Salesforce.


Creating Email Templates in Salesforce

Once you know how to create email templates in Salesforce, you can save a remarkable amount of time. Here is how to create an email template in Salesforce;

* Click on Setup at the top of the Salesforce Screen. Clicking this will redirect you to the Admin Page. After that, choose the communication templates and Email Templates. This page will redirect you to where the templates that you have created will be stored. * Click on New Template * Choose whether you want the email to be text or HTML, and then click on Next. * Include the merge fields, which are the contact details. * Fill in the blank spaces. Ensure that you give the template a suitable name that you will remember. You will also choose the encoding at this point. Describe the template, add the subject line, and include the email body. * When all is done, save your template.

Using the Email Templates Directly in Outlook or Gmail

Another way to save time with the Salesforce email templates is by using the templates inside Gmail or Outlook. You can use a suitable plugin that allows you to use the templates from Outlook or Gmail.


Using the Email Templates In Salesforce

Suppose you navigate to a lead or a contact in Salesforce, and you scroll down to the Activity History Window, you will send the option to Send an Email. After clicking on Send Email, you will be taken to the task Screen, and then you will need to Select Template. Click and scroll to the folder in which you saved the Email Template. Choose the template to populate the email body automatically, then click on Send.

These are the three ways you can save time by creating email templates in Salesforce.

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