How to Check Salesforce Edition to Determine Your Needs

There are different ways in which an individual or an organization can use to check which Salesforce edition is the best for his or her office use. Below is the list of steps that you can use to check the Salesforce edition that will best suit your needs as an organization. You can also use Salesforce training videos.

How to Check Salesforce Edition by The Use of The Browser

Internet Explorer

When using the internet explorer, ensure that you click the Salesforce page tab after which you can read the main window of the caption that are offered on the page. Here you will find how Salesforce developer tutorial are managed and conducted. Internet explorer doesn’t only give you an away to on how to check Salesforce edition but give you an up hand on how to create email template in Salesforce.

Using Firefox

This is also another amazing method that you can follow when checking on how to check Salesforce edition. Click on the tab then ensure that you hover your cursor around until you see a pop-up the caption on the computer that spells it out if it happens that the tab is too small and narrow be seen or to read directly than be sure to enlarge it before you continue. This will allow you to see the caption clearly without any problem.

When Using Google Chrome

For the chrome, ensure that you click a new tab then drag it to create a new window for your page do this only if it happens that the tab that you have created is too small and narrow to be viewed. The tab will now be fully visible on the page. If it doesn’t enlarge, then simply hover your cursor over your tab for exactly three seconds and wait for it to enlarge itself after which it will just appear similarly to that of the Firefox. This will give you an easier method of importing contacts into Salesforce and managing all the important details of the organization.

Below is a List of Some of The Most Used Salesforce Edition

– The Contact Manager

This is a basic account and it contacts the management of up to five individuals. It has no lead or the opportunity of tracking.

– The Group

This edition gives you the ability to track leads and also opportunities, and it is amazing for a team of about 5 users. It also allows the users to view the sales life cycle from the beginning of interaction with the lead to the end of the opportunity.

– The Professional Edition-

Just like the group edition, the professional offers the user the ability to track the full sales report of the organization. It has a dashboard that allows the managers of the organization to track the key metric at once. It also consists of numerous option such as creating contracts, accessing Salesforce when you are offline, managing your marketing campaigns but remember that it does come at a cost.

With the above information on how to check Salesforce edition, you will be able to stay at par with your competitors or even be more advanced than them when taking your business to the next level that you have dreamed of, just ensure that you follow every detail.

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