Learn How to Schedule and Send Mass Email in Salesforce

Salesforce is a really versatile platform when it comes to management of customer relationships, where this platform provides a huge number of options and possibilities. In the modern world of CRM (customer relationship management), there are many ways of communicating, but even though some place a lot of emphasis on the modern innovations like social media, it remains a proven fact that emails are still one of the most established means of doing this.   How to send mass email in Salesforce is not a huge issue and many companies employ this possibility on a regular base. With a Salesforce mass email, an organization can manipulate the HTML templates, provide adequate branding in the message and also track the number of delivered and opened emails. All of these can provide any business with several important CRM advantages, like customer engagement and direct promotion. Because of this, anyone who utilizes the same platform should definitely employ this option. The question of how to send a mass email in Salesforce can be resolved in several quick and easy steps.  

How to Send Mass Email in Salesforce

There are some general facts about sending mass email from this platform that need to be known. First of all, Salesforce email to case of the individual customers can be sent up to a 1,000 per day, which is a 24 period starting with midnight GMT. The platform also limits users to sending mass email in Salesforce to so-called “blasts” which can either include 250 emails in Professional Edition or 500 in the Enterprise Edition. Unlimited Edition limits that to 1,000 emails in the 24 hour period. So, when it comes to the issue of how to send mass email in Salesforce all users need to adapt their approach according to their edition of the platform and arrange the email blasts so they can cover all emails in the database. In this regard, a correct schedule of the blasts is the most important element.  

The Basics

When it comes to the notion of sending a mass email, users first need to create a target list. This is done in the mass email wizard and it needs to be done so that users can send mass email in Salesforce. Once this is completed by utilizing the Create New View option, it is necessary to adapt a list according to the edition of the platform that is being used.   Here, users should also filter and check their lists and email addresses because Salesforce mass email does not send messages to email addresses that are unique. After that, in step two of the wizard process used to send mass email in Salesforce, the users should finalize their filter criteria. From then on, the users can go into the process of seeing how many people will get the email, where the users can also receive a copy of the same email and forward the information to the Salesforce work log which will mark up the process as completed. Finally, the users need to click on the Send option and the mass email will be confirmed as sent.   From this, it is clear that to send mass email in Salesforce includes no special skills or experience. At the same time, the mass email option can definitely be very useful for any company that uses this platform.
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