Tracking Mass Emails In Salesforce

With all leads and contacts information kept centrally in the Salesforce crm tutorial, it is only natural to use the native mass emails in Salesforce functionality. This particular feature has been primarily designed to fully leverage this CRM application’s infrastructure to offer efficient communications with both leads and contacts. Let us now take a closer look at how to send a mass email in Salesforce, whenever you wish to do so.

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How to Send Mass Emails in Salesforce

To send mass email in Salesforce, you can either head to the leads or contacts tabs. Once there, you should select the ‘mass emails’ option that is found under the tools section. You will then have to make use of filters in order to be able to create a mass mailing list. After doing this, you will need to choose an appropriate email template to utilize. We will cover this particular issue in detail later on in this article.

After selecting the template, you will have to review the exact number of mass emails you wish to send, and whether you want to log them as a completed activity against your leads or contacts. Next, you need to select an ideal delivery option before you can dispatch the mass emails.

Generally speaking, you can choose to send mass email Salesforce immediately or schedule it to be sent automatically at a specific period of time. When it comes to how to create email template in Salesforce, this option allows you to integrate your organization’s letterhead with mail merge fields. This enables the mass emails you send to appear much more personalized to individual recipients. Alternatively, you can be able to create a full HTML email that lacks a letterhead if you wish to do so.

Salesforce Mass Email Tracking

An important feature of mass emails in Salesforce is the tracking capabilities which are inbuilt with them. This functionality allows you to keep track of all the mass email you send in a conveniently as well as hassle-free manner. As it is, you will be in an excellent position to monitor real-time data on the exact moment your mass emails were delivered to their recipients.

The ones which were opened and exactly what time they were opened. Along with the number of times they have been viewed by your recipients. To this end, the detail pages of all your leads and contacts come with a HTML email status update feature. This particular functionality will permit you to efficiently keep track of the exact activities your recipients undertake with the mass emails you send to them.


As you can evidently see the native mass emails in Salesforce capability can be deemed as a veritable lifesaver to business organizations. Through it, you can be able to conveniently dispatch a sizeable amount of emails to your leads or contacts at the same time, directly from the CRM. Also, you will be in a good position of keeping track of the efficiency of all the mass emails you send. This, in turn, will permit you to obtain indispensable insight on just which mass emailing strategy can be effective in your company’s marketing and even sales operation over time.

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