Servicemax Salesforce Review

Servicemax Salesforce is a solution for field management. The software service is mobile and has been used all over the world by numerous nations. This end to end application is highly automated and it combines both sales and services and makes them a single entity and improves management of field services that have been in most cases neglected and poor quality. Other software with almost similar functions include Fleetmatics WORK and ServiceM8.

Servicemax Salesforce Review 


This is comprehensive software as it contains a combination of various applications and tools meant for managing field services. It entails reverse logistics and inventory too.

Some of the field services provided includes handling of parts, contracts, customer service, scheduling and social collaboration. The contract function provides for the making of accurate details in a clear format. Employees are in addition able to access the contracts. Scheduling makes work more efficient while managing inventory makes it possible to know the returns, repairs and parts made.

These functions provide overall improvement in the services provided to the customers. The tools used in this software as well as the applications are one of a kind and although some may be present in a number of other service software, ServiceMax has them integrated.

This field management software helps to manage both clients and employees using a number of combined applications. The functioning of the ServiceMax field service software is top notch too. This service allows for monitoring of the activities carried out by customers to make it possible to get to know of any problems once they arise.

Those working in the field can what’s more access customer history and map their routes. Regardless of where they are, they can have their signature captured too.

Invoicing is done faster using this service and time is saved when planning routes in the field with the use of this software and timetables together with appointments can be updated much faster.

This management service is recommended for enterprises both large size, medium sized and the small business as well. This is mostly because the services provided are flexible making them easily adoptable by companies. In the long run, companies that use this service are able to make more money as well. The software is ideal also for those businesses looking to grow, streamline their companies or get ahead of their competitors.



This is a trusted solution and it has been relied upon by some of the best companies in the world to improve their returns. The software is affordable and at the same time is made convenient and custom made to each client.

With this service, customers are also able to reduce their costs when it comes to managing field services. The certification it has also makes it credible. These include Verisign, Safe Harbour, SAS-70 and ISO certification as well.

It has been in existence for about five years with hundreds of customers which has enabled it to build its name in the industry.

Ease of use

This is simple software that is quite easy to use. Knowing how to properly implement ServiceMax globally will only take a few weeks. Customer support

ServiceMax provides its clients with high quality and friendly customer support. They are always willing and available to provide assistance to their clients. Their response s also quick and the information given is easy to comprehend.


Many companies can easily merge the software with what they do as it is quiet flexible. The merging of the different applications makes a complete package which is needed for comprehensive management of field services.

The design of the software enables for fast and convenient reach to the field. It can be accessed anywhere enabling those working in the field to get the information they need. One can use the service with various types of devices from their smart phones or even laptops. The supported devices include Windows, Android, Mobile Web Application, iPhone and iPad


It is conveyed through the cloud making it fully cloud based.

ServiceMax Salesforce is based in HTML5 which boosts the access of information in the field. The mobile website makes it possible for those working in the field to be connected at any time of the day or night.

This field management solution has an App to enable better use in the field. This is the native iPad App which has been recommended by a lot of users due to its effectiveness.

This service can be used in a variety of languages. These include German, English, Italian, Swedish, Japanese and Spanish. The platforms that are supported by this service include Salesforce, Quickbooks Intuit, Google Apps and Open API.

The options for support comprise of Phone Support, Online Support, FAQs, Knowledge Base and Salesforce training videos tutorials.


One can subscribe for use on a monthly basis as long as the users are not less than five. For implementation and getting the service started up will need one to get an estimate from the Salesforce technicians. To get a free trial one will not need to give any credit card information.


Although a lot of companies have found the software to be simple for their employees to use, some see it as being difficult to adopt especially by the older employees.

Some of the companies using this software have found it to be more effective when used by a lot of users. This makes it not so beneficial for those enterprises with less users.

A number of its clients have found the ServiceMax software to be too slow for effective use. The lengthy performance is however only experienced when running particular applications.

The flexible nature of the software is also restricted when it comes to some of the models in a number of businesses.


Although ServiceMax field service management software has numerous benefits with few limitations, it still limits use by some of the companies whose business models cannot adopt its use. Its functionality is no doubt powerful and the ratings put this software among the best in the industry. Based on its coverage, Salesforce ServiceMax is very reliable for use across the globe.
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