Short Permission Sets Salesforce Guide

Permission sets are settings and permissions that allow a user to access various tools that give them additional privileges. They play a very important role in ensuring that one has reasonable profiles to work with in a salesforce. The permission sets are given to a user with a profile and extend their functionality. It allows specific people to have the ability to access a specific permission set and carry out any necessary adjustments. This means that no one else will access it apart from the assigned user. Permission sets are much easier to work with rather than creating an entire custom made profile for an individual. Permission sets play a very important role in defining the specific role of users in a company. These may include editing, deleting and emptying the recycle bin of an organization and so on. Permission sets have a number of settings including · Assigned applications · App permissions · Object settings including tab settings, record type settings, object permission and field permission. · Apex class access · Visuals page access · Systems permissions and service providers especially in a case where saleforce has been identified as a provider. Assigning permission sets To create a permission set, one needs to · Go to the admin setup and the function is found in manage users. · Create permission set. When creating one from the existing one click clone to the set that is to be copied. Click new permission set. When creating a new permission set, one is required to give it a Label name, API name (this is the name given by managed packages and API). When writing it, one needs not to use spaces, underscores and even have double underscores. · Enter the user license type for users with a specific type. In a case where one has many users and they intend to have the same license used, then simply select none and save. · Create permission through object and field permissions option to set the users record. Once the permissions are set, the last step is to assign a user the newly created permission set. What you need to know about permission sets · Permission sets cannot revoke privileges set, it is therefore important to ensure that one creates permission sets that can be reused instead of creating more. One can also have them cloned because once they have been set, they cannot be edited. · One can be granted more than one privileges depending on the need · They are necessary for controlling some elements. What to Note There are user licenses that restrict the number of custom apps and tabs to be accessed by users. It carries out a calculation of the number of applications and tab settings that are to be allowed in the permission sets and the profile. This means that one will be given a restriction to the number of apps or tabs to be allotted. Permission sets come as part of installed packages in professional and group edition. These can be assigned to users but they cannot be edited. One is only allowed to clone a permission set when the user license is similar to the original one. Once cloned, the license cannot be changed.
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