Skuid Salesforce App Review

Salesforce is one of the most intuitive and powerful CRM systems available, constantly beating out their competitors in almost every point by point comparison. Even the big names in software like Microsoft and Sun haven’t managed to oust Salesforce from their throne atop the CRM industry. But, like anything, it’s not perfect. While Salesforce is highly programmable and flexible both in form and field design, this flexibility is rather involving and complex for some. Thankfully, the skuid Salesforce app was designed to remedy that problem within reason. One of the main reasons computers are becoming more prevalent in the daily lives of pretty much everyone, no matter their skill or grasp of technological science, is because of the transition to automata and visual representations that make any given step easier, faster and less involving to accomplish. The skuid Salesforce app aims to bring that same visual automation into form and field creation, thus making Salesforce faster, more efficient and above all, easier to use. I can’t pretend to know how skuid works internally, because while I’ve seen a lot of add on systems for a lot of software suites over the years, I’ve not seen many that so strongly seem like the host software was designed with it in mind ahead of time. Of course that’s not possible, so we have to just assume the skuid developers are simply fantastic Apex programmers and UX designers all around. If you’ve read our tutorials on doing various things in Salesforce like creating tabs and subtabs, combining fields, designing custom forms and record sets etc, then you know that the normal process isn’t actually difficult, but it’s a lengthy process of some fourteen or more steps to do most of these things, and you’re bombarded with a deluge of information requests that, honestly, don’t always have the clearest labels or prompts to them. With skuid, it’s as simple as a few clicks of the mouse and entry of some basic information. With a drag and drop interface, merging opportunities and creating new (rather sophisticated) forms and record types takes seconds to do. Along with this, the ability to do inline editing of every field and record type in Salesforce (including custom ones you design before skuid or within it) reduces the number of hops and reloads necessary to make broad changes on a whim. This same live feed system allows instant filtering and sorting of tables so a search through records is blazing fast. Not only does this make it more convenient for the Salesforce user, but it makes customer service people who have to sift through these records constantly so much faster, passing the convenience on to your customers as well. Along with this, skuid allows instant exporting and importing of all kinds of mixed and matched data and records into standard formats with the same click of a button, and also includes a number of additional components such as custom controls and form items, calendars, chatter feeds, field editors, file system interoperability and page inclusion. Basically, the skudi Salesforce app does for Salesforce what Windows did for DOS. Yes, the analogy is that truly epic. They offer a free trial, which not only shows their confidence in their marvel, but leaves you with little excuse to not go experience this wonder for yourself!
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.