Step Inside The Salesforce Ashram: Top 5 Articles Of The Week!

This Week’s list has some of my personal favorite blogs featured in it, along with some new and exciting discoveries, and has articles from almost part of the massive Salesforce spectrum. Ranging from developer tricks, to lead management and login page branding, you’re bound to find helpful content in it. Enjoy, and have a great 2016!  

1. Using Automation to Manage the Lead Lifecycle:

Brent Downey’s blog AdminHero is one of my new favorite blogs for everything Salesforce- it’s packed with amazing original content and clever tips that add a whole new dimension to the term “Salesforce tricks”. This latest AdminHero post shows you how to harness Salesforce’s automation capabilities to up your lead management game- and can be a real game changer for some.  

2. Tracking The Activities of Users with Field History and Chatter:

Jeff Summers AKA SalesForrceGuru writes a great blog that often tackles complex issues like Salesforce implementation, but also delivers killer practical tips that are very easy to use. This post provides multiple ways to track activity history in Salesforce- even through chatter feed.

3. How to Whitelist All IPs in Salesforce:

Yet another ‘Guru’ blog! This time it’s Ankit Arora- a Salesforce admin/developer that blogs about a variety of subjects, and both admins and developers will find his posts helpful. This one is a quick, easy solution to a very frequently asked question in many forums- how can you avoid these annoying login issues when you try to share credentials?  

4. Spring ’16 Release Highlights:

OK OK! You got me… a thorough reader will notice that this post is two weeks old, however- it didn’t surface in my go-to Salesforce groups on LinkedIn until a couple of days ago. As you all know, Salesforce Spring 16′ notes have been unleashed upon us and frankly no one really has the time to read a 392 page E-book. Lucky for us, Salesforce blogger Jennifer  W. Lee has compiled a very readable list of highlights, divided into 4 sections. Awesome!

5. Video Walkthrough: How to Increase Employee Engagement with Salesforce Branding:

This is a really cool instructional video by my colleague, WalkMe’s own Salesforce guru, Roy Gilad. Initially made for internal use, I asked him if we could turn it into a blog post to share these cool branding features you might have never noticed, and emphasize on the impact it can have on employee engagement and brand awareness. The result is right here for your viewing pleasure.  
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