Streamlining Communication Channels with Salesforce CTI Integration

Computer telephony integration (CTI) is used in describing computerized services of call centers. Computer telephony or CTI is the use of computers to manage phone calls. Sometimes, it is also used to describe your ability to use personal computer to manage and initiate phone calls. In such case, you can consider your computer as your personal call center. The Salesforce CTI integration toolkit enables users to create CTI adapters conveniently. So, the salesforce CRM call center staff of a firm can easily access various features of CTI system through an application. This application is called SoftPhone.


Salesforce CTI Integration Overview

Integration of CTI System in Salesforce

SoftPhone is a fully customizable call center tool, which appears on the interface of accounts of the user. After the installation of CTI integration successfully, users can start using various functionalities of specific CTI system, which are integrated through SoftPhone.

  You can receive inbound calls and make outbound calls by using Salesforce CTI integration. Salesforce CTI enables you to transfer calls effortlessly. Call holding and initiation of conference calls are also possible. Users can also generate call logs automatically and to attach records to specific calls. All these factors are highly useful for making the duties of a call center staff effortlessly. It also helps them to deal with all client concerns comprehensively.  

On-Promise or Hosted CTI Integration

Salesforce CRM can be integrated with CTI system by using two methods. One is hosted method and the other is on-promise. First method is the process of using a partner application. It comes with built-in integration with CRM system. Salesforce CTI toolkit is useful for facilitating seamless integration of CRM with on-promise telephony device. Salesforce also provides C++ based basic application to make it easier for developers. Related source code, which comes along with the toolkit, permits individuals to build customized highly advanced CTI adapters.


Salesforce Open CTI

Open CTI enables partners and customers to set up web based call centers and Softphone in a hassle free manner. This can be created directly within their salesforce account. Javascript API, offered by the firm, enables users to perform various types of channel actions including screen pops.


Robust CTI Framework

Salesforce CTI integration system can provide a robust framework, which is one of the biggest advantages of this system. It enables users to handle inbound calls effectively and the events they generate using screen pops features. It also permits intuitive and rapid outbound dialing and initiation of calls within salesforce CRM user interface.

  Salesforce CTI integration enables users to make complete customization of salesforce call center. So, users can change various fields and exact order in which they are displayed. Salesforce call center users can also specify screen pops to make inbound calls, which are displayed in a web browser window along with screen pops. So, CTI integration is the best decision you can make for your organization. It is highly helpful for streamlining communication channels within it, clients and also partners. You will get the Salesforce basics, Salesforce training material and an extensive Salesforce tutorial to do the job easily. However, certain level of coding is essential for every component in the process.
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