Everything You Need to Know About Tags in Salesforce

Many people want to learn about tags in Salesforce platform. Tags are actually words that can be associated with the records in this platform. You can use these words to categorize or search your data easily. Some users call these tags as keywords. Tags also allow you to find some records based on a specific word or certain group of words. You should be able to stay organized when using Salesforce. For example, these tags are able to be used to connect the word “Holiday Card” to Contact records. By doing so, you are able to make your own Holiday Card mailing lists easily. 

Tags in Salesforce 


1. Easy to organize your records

This is the first benefit that you can get from the Tags. They allow you to organize your records easily. If you want to be successful with your business, you have to learn how to manage all data or records properly. Using tags is an efficient way to manage and organize all records. You don’t have to worry about losing your data anymore. Many experts believe that this function is very important to increase your productivity. You don’t have to spend your time for managing your records for your company. 

2. You can search all records easily

This is another reason why many people want to learn about Tags in Salesforce. If you want to have efficient work, you should consider using these tags. You are allowed to search all records based on these tags easily. When you search your records with your Tag, you should be able to see all records that are tagged with your keyword. It is a comfortable way to find all important records in your database. This function can save a lot of your time in your workplace. You should also know that the Custom Fields may not be indexed in the Salesforce database correctly. Tags should be used to replace the use of Custom Fields in the search feature. 


1. Cannot create View or Report for Tags

This is the big drawback that you can find on this feature. You can use Tags for searching your records based on certain keywords. However, you are not allowed to create a report that is based on these filtered records. It can be challenging for all users to save all found records in their databases. Many users feel that the Salesforce should improve their functionality, especially in this system.This drawback really reduces the functionality of the Tags in Salesforce. This company should allow all users to create a report from the filtered data or records. 

How to Setup Tags in Salesforce

After you know some benefits that are offered by these tags, you should know how to setup tags in this platform easily. There are some important things that you should follow, so you can use these tags quickly. It is important to know these simple strategies, so you can start creating your own tags based on your needs. Here are some recommended tips for you who want to create these tags quickly. 

1. First, you need to go to Setup option, App Setup, Customizes, Tag, and Tag Settings. This option allows you to change some settings for your tags. You are able to enable the personal tags or public tags. If you want to keep your tags secret, you may want to use the Personal Tags. The Public Tags can be searched by all users easily. You can make your favorite tags based on your needs quickly. 

2. Once you enable these Tags, you can also manage the Page Layouts that you want. This setting allows you to setup your Tags on certain pages in the Salesforce platform. You are able to allow all users to create Tags to some objects in your platform easily. 

3. After you add Tags to your Page Layout, you should be able to see Tags at the top side of your record. You can simply click the Add Tags button for adding these tags to your system. 

4. You can add the Personal Tags and Public Tags at the same time. You can adjust this setting in the Tags creation area. It is not difficult to create tags in Salesforce. All tags should be separated by commas. Don’t forget to click Save when you are done with this setting. 

5. Once you click Save, you should be able to see Tags that are shown in your page. You can see your Personal or Public Tags easily. At this point, you are also able to edit your tags easily. You can simply click the Edit Tags button when you are planning to edit them. 

6. Don’t forget to add these Tags to your Home Page layout. This step is important for all users. By enabling tags on your page layout, you should be able to search for Tags at anytime you want. You can search all records based on these tags easily. 

7. You also need to update your Tags regularly, so you can get benefits from this function. It is not difficult to update these tags. You can simply click Add Tags inside your system. 

They are some good information about Tags in this platform. It is not difficult to create these tags in this system. If you want to organize everything in your database, you should start learning about these tags. Salesforce also plans to improve the functionality of these tags. You should keep updated with all important information from this company. There are some updates that are going to be released in the future. You can contact this company for learning more about their updates. 

Many experts believe that the Chatter topics or Hashtags are going to replace the Tags. Hashtags can work similarly as Tags. However, these Hashtags may have some additional features and functions. They believe that Hashtags should be used to create report in any Salesforce platforms. This is really a big advantage that is offered by this system. This new feature is going to be released in a few months. While you are waiting for these updates, you should be able to maximize the use of Tags in Salesforce platform.  
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