How to Create Record Types in Salesforce – Taskray Salesforce Review

This is a Taskray Salesforce review that is geared for those individuals that may be perhaps in the dark over the benefits this application offers. In essence, Taskray happens to be a highly specialized project management app that permits for the effectual tracking, management and communication of any project or task that teams within an organization deal with. This app is totally native to the salesforce platform, and hence it is compatible with Chatter and Salesforce 1. 

Taskray Salesforce Review

An ideal platform to heighten team efficiency and productivity Typically, Taskray is designed to offer an ideal environment in which teams can get more work done quickly utilizing social as well as collaboration principles. This app is built right from the ground bearing in mind the needs of collaborative agile teams. It can effortlessly handle the iterative and dynamic attributes of any teamwork that comprises of prioritizing projects or even tasks within an organization. Taskray can also be conveniently shared among individuals as well as teams within an organization. This goes a long way in permitting any interested party to easily contribute to the successful culmination of any project or task. 

Simple user interface that comes with drag and drop functionality Additionally, this project management app comes with a straightforward and highly intuitive user interface. That integrates drag and drop functionality which enables the entering and tracking of tasks, without the users requiring additional training. It also facilitates for cross project and cross team views, that highlight current work , regardless of it been “siloed”. 

Appropriate tools for team collaboration Taskray, like earlier mentioned, is integrated with Chatter and salesforce 1, which happens to be the Salesforce social collaboration platform. This means that it offers low friction and extremely intuitive tools that teams within an organization can use to seamlessly work together on virtually any project or task.

Cross web browser support This project management app also happens to been fully compatible with all the major web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, 10 & 11, Google Chrome and even Apple Safari. Which enables users to effectually utilize their preferred browser from almost anywhere they might be located globally. Access to taskray is managed by permission sets as well as open up access to its tab.

A highly intuitive mobile app Taskray also offers a mobile app that infinitely makes it easier for users to access projects or even tasks inside salesforce 1 despite of where they may be situated in the entire world. As well as permitting teams within an organization to work simultaneously on a given project.

Effectual project security Taskray installation comes with an organization wide feature that sets objects as read or write. For business entities that may wish to incorporate any level of project security, tasks or projects in this app can be easily locked down to an ideal private sharing model. When utilized in private organizations, taskray is by default set to public, but such entities have the option to set projects or tasks undertaken within it to be private. This can be executed via a handy checkbox found in the contributors tab that is located in the specific projects or tasks details. 

Taskray field sets This project management app also offers field sets functionality that allow administrators to effortlessly add, reorder or even delete fields in the projects and tasks details with absolutely no coding modifications. Apart from the standard Taskray fields, administrators can conveniently add custom fields to any project or task objects, which are then displayed within its projects or tasks field sets. 

Salesforce record type functionality This project management app also utilizes the record type functionality that salesforce offers to permit users to effectively execute multiple processes within an object. Taskray utilizes record types to allow the running of multiple lists or even tasks, which enables the displaying of different sets of columns that are dependant on any specific task type. The record type functionality also permits users to effectually track different fields or tasks related to any given project type. As well as facilitating for the storage of multiple task types per any taskray project. This project management app is also in a position to display different picklists values for various record types.  Related materials can be found on how to create record types in salesforce page.

Taskray notifications Taskray notifications are displayed as you and other users edit tasks or projects that you might currently be working on. On top of this, administrators are given the capability to regulate the exact frequency which this project management app checks for updates. And ultimately post notifications on the same to users. 

An unmatched versatility in Taskray subscription option to choose from Taskray subscription is extremely flexible and is offered on either a monthly or annual basis. You can choose to take the invoice and purchases orders that you can pay for with checks, credit card, wire transfer. However, this subscription option is only open on a yearly basis. On the flipside, you can opt for the self service AppExchange checkout, which you can subscribe on a monthly or even a yearly basis. Payments for this subscription option can only be done via a credit card. On top of this, bracket labs, the creators of this project management app, offer a free trial that doesn’t require any credit card details. Which gives you a golden opportunity to sample some the indispensable features as well as functionalities that taskray has to offer.

Taskray updates New versions of taskray are automatically updated to your account, and you will be notified prior to the upgrade. The AppExchange is usually updated within two weeks before the upgrade of this project management app. Users are also offered the option of manually updating taskray at any given time, earlier that the determined upgrade schedule. 
Conclusion  It is consequently self evident just how Taskray Salesforce can be invaluable to organizations of virtually any size particularly when it comes to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of their employees to ultimately realize a significant revenue growth.
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