The Benefits of Conga Composer Salesforce

Conga Composer Salesforce is currently the most popular application for document generation and reporting solution for Salesforce. Its main concept is to easily retrieve wholesome data from master object, which also includes various related specific objects. In order to gather more data for Composer solution, you can also use it in addition with SOQL queries or Salesforce reports. Conga Composer is currently very popular for a reason, since it is very affordable and it really has numerous valuable features which could ease your wholesome Salesforce experience. You can easily deliver customized documents, reports and presentations using Microsoft Office programs, PDF forms or HTML email from custom and standards objects. Here are biggest advantages and benefits of Conga Composer Salesforce. Simple Usage Since Conga Composer’s main concept is to ease your job on Salesforce, and make everything more reachable and easier to you, it is no wonder that this popular application has numerous valuable and useful parts of it. Wholesome application is relatively easy to use, and once you truly get hold of it, you will simply speed up your wholesome process of importing, exporting and gathering your data from Salesforce, combined with many other useful features. Conga Composer is also relatively easy to learn, and you will most certainly have no problems by adjusting to its system, since that system has been appropriately made for both beginners and more advanced users of Salesforce services. Easier Creation of Many Documents Once you finally get Conga Composer for yourself, you will finally find out that you can easily create literally any sophisticated document template by simply using records or objects in Salesforce and pulling all of your data. You can easily spread and pull your data into Excel spreadsheets, Power Point presentations, Word documents, HTML email, DocuSign or even PDF forms for Salesforce. By using and gathering your data this way, you can easily format it the way you want in a fast amount of time, which is one of the greatest perks of having this relatively simple, yet very effective application. Distribution of Files and Documents You will also realize that distributing all of yours files and documents is as easy as it can be through Conga Composer. You can simply distribute them anywhere and to anyone with just a few simple clicks. Conga Composer is highly reliable, and it will automatically log all of your activities and create various follow-up tasks. If you set it correctly, it can even update fields for you automatically. Easy Automation You can also easily automate various operations with batch operations, scheduling and powerful work flow in order send your documents anywhere that you want. For example, you can easily send automated Timesheet documents that you want signed off by some of your colleagues at the end of every single month. Affordability And, finally we need to also say that its price is also one of its best perks and advantages, since it costs you only $12 a month, yet it provides a valuable service, and it is packed up with numerous valuable options and features. These are simply the reasons why Conga Composer Salesforce is so popular and used by many people today.
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