The Benefits of Salesforce InsideView

A high quality sales intelligence tool like Salesforce InsideView can make a major difference to a business organization’s sales and marketing success. In recent times, InsideView has been extremely popular among business organizations from many different industries. A lot of people have realized the power of direct access to over 50 million company profiles and individuals, integrating with CRM, tracking social media activity and triggering event options. Salesforce InsideView is an excellent application to obtain contact and company information on accounts. It can be effectively used to increase a company’s sales productivity. InsideView can alert you of various trigger events in a business organization, like changing leadership, acquisitions and new products. Users can also be updated about important information through some leading sources and company alerts like financials, company new, social media activity, job listings and other important sources of information. Key Benefits of Salesforce InsideView InsideView is an exceptional product which not only turns a common, cold sales call into a well researched warm call, but also helps you take advantage of various social media connections. This allows you to be linked to only those individuals who you consider to be prospects. InsideView also enables users to contact the most appropriate individuals at the right time with the right message. Users can also benefit from Smart Agents. It allows a user to customize which individuals and companies he wishes to track and monitor. The user can also choose various events or triggers he believes will represent a good time to contact sales prospects. Some of the most common examples of event triggers in a business organization include product launches, hiring of new personnel, mergers and acquisitions, leadership changes, funding activity, shareholder meetings and more. Salesforce InsideView has also been popular because of its ability to use a list building feature while searching for individuals and companies. The list can be filtered on the basis of geography, industry, company size and other such variables. These companies and contacts can also be monitored via Smart Agents. It will alert the user whenever a trigger event takes place. InsideView sends this information to the user via email. Besides helping a company’s sales personnel properly prepare for various sales calls by monitoring industry and company events, Salesforce InsideView can even increase lead conversion, decrease sales cycle time and offer important business insights to all the people involved in the sales process. In addition to this, InsideView can also help define different qualified leads and geographic territories. It can be easily incorporated with a lot other CRM tools like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, ORacle, Netsuite, SugarCRM and more. However, most business organizations have loved its integration with Salesforce. This tool aggregates more than 30,000 online sources, both social media and traditional. As mentioned earlier, InsideView offers more than 50 million individual and company profiles. InsideView also offers an intuitive and seamless user experience. The results are always presented in an attractive and clear manner without sufficient amount of data presented in appropriate spaces. In order to generate more leads and increase profits, Salesforce InsideView will be the best choice for your business organization. Read more about triggers at Salesforce trigger best practices.
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