The Complete Salesforce Canvas Guide

If you utilize many third party applications in addition to Salesforce, then you need to find a software tool that will help you integrate everything when the need arises, which is where Salesforce Canvas comes in. The product is a suite of tools that also consist of JavaScript APIs that is used to enhance integration of third party applications within Salesforce.

The Complete Salesforce Canvas Guide

How does the product work?

Canvas actually works as a canvas. What this means is that it is used to create a canvas app out of a third party application in order to make those third party apps available to users via Salesforce.

Canvas processes

Canvas for Saleforce can enable several processes to occur through its suite of tools and APIs. Some of them are outlined below.

  •  Canvas has tools that can be used to carry out authentication and authorization
  • Canvas has the ability to resize your canvas apps in order to suit the existing size constraints
  •  Canvas can provide contextual information about the canvas application environment in which it is running
  •  Events allows for communication between many applications running on a single page. Canvas enables the sending and receiving of events using JavaScript
  •  Cross-domain communication can be quite difficult to achieve in many business environments
  • Canvas enables you to do so via XML-HTTP requests which can be sent to the Salesforce domain
Features and Benefits of Canvas

Canvas for Salesforce offers a number of features that make the product a great integration tool. Some of them are outlined below.

1. JavaScript SDK

The Canvas product for Salesforce contains multiple JavaScript libraries. These are very accessible and easy to use. They are also lightweight and thus take little storage space.

The JavaScript SDK enhances the authentication and communication capabilities of third party applications regardless of the domains that exist. This reduces the probability of complications that would have arisen otherwise. All the users that utilize your platform can therefore do so from a single center of command. This is very convenient for everyone concerned.

2. Enhanced Authentication Capabilities

Canvas for Salesforce has enhanced authentication capabilities that have simplified the process of authentication. When you utilize the product, you will be able to use a signed request or OAuth 2.0 for authentication purposes.

The simplified authentication process allows for connection of third party applications to Salesforce via the data layer. This is done seamlessly which means that users do not need to utilize additional steps to authenticate anything.

3. Application registration and management capabilities

Salesforce Canvas has great registration and management capabilities for third party applications that require integration within Salesforce.

Once a third party application has been created, clients can install it quickly. The process is just one click away, which makes things easy for everyone. In addition, administrators within the organization benefit also. When developers create third party applications, the administrators can install the quickly in the same way that other clients do. They can also manage access to certain third party applications within the organization without having to get into another system.

4. Language Independent Capabilities

Canvas for Salesforce also has a language independent capability. Regardless of where you come from, you can create a third party application for use within Salesforce. This application can be created in whichever language you are comfortable with.

The Canvas product will still ensure that the application gets displayed within Salesforce despite the language. This allows for flexibility when it comes to development of apps. It also ensures that you get access to applications you may never have accessed otherwise.

Additional Features and Benefits of Canvas

Through Canvas for Salesforce, you can take advantage of the template feature to make integration easier for you. The product allows you to create clones of existing applications using multiple programming languages in order to create connections within Salesforce in one click. This saves time and energy on everyone’s part.

Canvas is also a great product for integration with respect to social media platforms. Deployment of your third party applications via the existing social platforms can be done quite easily in a matter of seconds. Examples of social platform integrations that can take place through Canvas include Heroku and Chatter.

Where can you obtain lessons on using Salesforce Canvas?

It may be downright intimidating to embark on using Salesforce Canvas. However, a number of resources exist to enable you to learn how to implement the product within your business organization. Some of these are outlined below.

  • One of the best places from which you can obtain lessons on making use of Canvas for Salesforce is via the official Salesforce site. A whole section is dedicated to every aspect of Canvas. It will provide you with the information that you need
  • Many forums exist. A number of them tackle every issue regarding the use of Canvas in relation to Salesforce. You can participate in the discussions and inquire on anything that troubles you.
  •  Plenty of blogs deal with issues regarding Canvas and other Salesforce affiliated products.
  •  Conference sessions that are held regularly to deal with Salesforce, Canvas and other affiliated product can also provide you with insight into how Canvas works within the organization.
  • Webinars, which are online conference events, will also come in handy if you want to learn more about Canvas. These are usually held regularly throughout the year. They provide you with updates in the latest that Canvas has to offer. To make matters even better, you can access them from the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a good internet connection and your device of choice.

Bottom Line

Salesforce is a wonderful system to have in your office. While it offers plenty of benefits, there are things that it cannot provide your business with. That is why third party applications are very important. These applications fill in the gap and enable your business operations to run more smoothly. Being able to integrate the third party applications within Salesforce will determine just how smoothly your business will run. That is why Canvas comes in handy. Salesforce Canvas will provide you with the most effective platform required for integration while allowing you to provide seamless services to your users.
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