The Salesforce App Exchange Top Players

The Salesforce app exchange is considered a godsend for the active Salesforce user. It is also a huge aid to the companies that rely on Salesforce’s CRM services. Thanks to Salesforce’s Apex API and integration with dotnet (and various other APIs), there is a lot that can be done in order to get added functionality out of Salesforce. That is, if you happen to have a handy programmer by your side, who is skilled enough to design them. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to have a programmer available who can code these things – that well. Apex is slightly specialized and not an entirely standard interface. This is why the Salesforce app exchange is so useful. It is a social channel for mobile systems (not unlike app stores). The Salesforce app exchange is easy to use. It offers a wide array of highly-rated Salesforce apps that give you the power of programmable CRM without the hassle of finding competent programmers (who often need to make them on the fly). But, as with most app channels, not all of the apps on Salesforce’s app exchange are created equal. If you are wondering what the best apps are, I can recommend some that get the most out Salesforce, even functionalities you never dreamed possible. Each app, in this list, serves a different purpose (Not all of these are free and I won’t be discriminating by cost in the creation of this list). Without further ado, check out what this exchange can offer: #1 SuMo for Salesforce SuMo for Salesforce is a KPI and gamification-oriented application. ┬áIt offers 100% native Salesforce scripting and game content best practices, in order to encourage users and employees to adopt the best techniques and standards when using Salesforce. SuMo rewards your efforts. It uses gamification to reinforce accomplishments, enhance skills and of course, improve excellence on the job (which is what gamification is all about). Simply put, SuMo alleviates tedium and unpleasantness from the dismal existence of working life. At a price of $15.00, SuMo is a steal. #2 Nitro for Salesforce Nitro is another motivational app for Salesforce. It is designed to drive your employees; to push them in providing the best customer service and CRM capabilities. Nitro has intuitive Google drive integration which ensures document quality and ease of sharing between various accounts. It can do so from any point where internet is accessible. Nitro doesn’t integrate gamification like SuMo. It is a bit more straightforward and offers an initial free trial, so give it a shot. #3 Jobscience Jobscience is a good app for integrating staffing and recruitment searches. It also works with CS departments. Jobscience integrates well with Salesforce to track expenses/requests for staffing solutions. Jobscience is a paid app, and it’s a good app for what it does. When you really think about it, Jobscience is kind of an odd app for Salesforce to carry, but it’s an example of what Salesforce can be made to do with some clever programming. The creators of Jobscience had a full understanding of Salesforce’s versatility and flexibility. The 3 apps listed above are just a few examples of the neat stuff you can find on the Salesforce app exchange channel. And, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for updates.
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