The Top 3 Salesforce Blogs

I was amazed to discover just how many Salesforce blogs exist out there; the amount of material speaks volumes for the power and reach of Salesforce. Can there really be that much information about CRM software that is relevant and not redundant? Well, if we were talking about any other CRM software, I might say that’s unlikely, but Salesforce is different. Salesforce is a programmable, plugin-enabled framework (not just a basic CRM SaaS solution) and as a result, there’s really no end to what it can do for you. There are a ton of Salesforce blogs out there, but finding blogs related to just about any topic is not a difficult task. It’s all about picking out the best ones to read. You have limited free time in your busy professional life so, I’m going to point out the three best Salesforce blogs:  #1 – The Official Salesforce Blog Well duh, right? Of course Salesforce’s official blog is a must for anyone seriously ‘into’ Salesforce, especially in the marketing and customer relations departments. Salesforce’s official blog not only reveals new innovations, features and uses for their system, but will also keep you updated in related fields like mobile app design, Visualforce programming and a lot more. Sure, it’s a biased blog, so it may not be the greatest source for objective, balanced reviews of competitive sites (but if you’re entering their official site, that’s probably not the information you’re looking for)…If you want competitive reviews, read on.. #2 – The Ecquire Blog Ecquire is an online digital business website providing insight into a multitude of SaaS solutions for businesses- and Salesforce is a favorite topic. Although Ecquire is not solely dedicated to Salesforce, it does contain a wide selection of Salesforce guides, tutorials and editorials (with those unbiased views I talked about earlier). It also includes innovations and reviews from both the community and the experts at large. As an unofficial Salesforce blog, it’s definitely one of the best. #3 – CloudThink CloudThink isn’t dedicated to Salesforce either, but again, it places a huge emphasis on Salesforce articles. Cloudthink provides daily posts reviewing Salesforce features , CRM solutions, and comprehensive Visualforce tutorials. CloudThink is a major journalistic source for SaaS and cloud computing solutions. Therefore, when they mention Salesforce, it’s probably best to listen up. Do you notice a trend here? Most of the best Salesforce blogs are not often solely dedicated to covering Salesforce (aside from the official blog run by the company themselves). The blogs are respected outlets for journalism and SaaS. They are leaders in their field that happen to cover Salesforce. Try them out and let me know if you come across any other helpful Salesforce resources.
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.