The Most Important Tips on How to Merge Accounts in Salesforce

It is important thing to know how to merge accounts in Salesforce. This will assist you in record keeping, database software and book keeping. In any set of records or data, multiple duplicate accounts can begin to be an issue because of use. As a result, two entries are created instead of a single entry. Therefore, it is significant to match these entries particularly when we have multiple entries which don’t match with others. You must have an enterprise, unlimited editions, personal or developer account in order to be informed about how to customize Salesforce.

What are you supposed to do in order to match the accounts in Salesforce? This is a question which can be answered by following Salesforce tutorials.


How to Merge Accounts in Salesforce – The Steps to Follow

First Step

For you to know how to merge accounts in Salesforce, the initial step is to go to the account’s tab. Consequently, click merge accounts’ in the tools section. It is important to note that you must be in the account’s tab before beginning the whole process. This will enable you to go over the step successfully.


Second Step

Your computer will ask you for a search string so as to find the duplicate accounts. A string is defined as a line of text which consists of one or more characters. By going through the process successfully, merging accounts in Salesforce will not be a problem.


Third Step

The next step is to select a maximum of three end results which you would like to merge. In fact, you may only require the three at a time and do to next’.


Fourth Step

After undergoing the above processes, you need to select the account which you want to make it as ‘master record’. This will be an account which will essentially absorb the other reports and it will keep on when the others are gone. After the merge, all the data taken from other accounts will exist.


Fifth Step

Fortunately, Salesforce will enable you to select the fields which you would like to be taken from the additional records. Thus, there is no redundancies or overwrites which will exist in the master record. Your work is to select these records now.


Sixth Step

The final step is click ‘merge’ so as to complete the salesforce merging account process. Hence, you will have achieved your objective of knowing how to merge accounts in Salesforce.



The above simple steps are a highlight on how to merge accounts in Salesforce. However, it will not be possible if you don’t have “read and delete” permissions. If the permissions are missing, you need to get in touch with your administrator so as to resolve the issue.

Nevertheless, you need to take care while selecting the field accounts and the master accounts you might want to copy. The task is very easy if it gets repetitive for a numerous quantity of duplicates. The simple steps can enable you to merge the accounts in Salesforce effectively. This will avoid the above mentioned problems. Hence, you need to strictly follow the guidelines and you will successfully manage your data.

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