Learn How To Send Mass Email In Salesforce

As a business, your main goal is to see the business grow quickly and consistently. Each day you try to find the best way to improve your organizational structure and workflow. Worried about how to send a mass email? Worry not because this article will give all the information that you need to know about how to send mass email in Salesforce. Read on and find out all that you need to know about how to use Salesforce. Salesforce will not only allow you to send mass emails but also helps the user to store and keep track of all the correspondence sales and date of their entity contact in a single place. You can also watch Salesforce training videos to find out more.

Choose the Recipients You Want to Send the Email to

For you to send a mass email to people or contact accounts, make sure that you click on the mass email tool tab which is found at the bottom of cases tab. If your business uses a personal account, your link is also found at the bottom of the accounts tab. If you want to send mass email in Salesforce to the leads, make sure that you click on the email lead tool tab at the bottom of the lead tab.

To send a mass email to a user, you should do the following: click on your name then setup, manage user then send mass email users. But this link is only available to the administrators only and any user with the manage user permission.

Choose a List of Recipients and Then Click go!

Are you aware that by default, my lead, my contacts, my cases view and active users contain all the records with an email address for each case? To be able to change the list of your recipients, make sure that you create a brand new custom view. All the contact accounts or leads which do not have email option or email address are not incorporated in the email list views but the person accounts are.

Selecting and Deselecting Recipients

All the recipients on your list view are there by default. Make sure that you remove all the recipients who should not get the mass email by the deselecting process, you can also use the top checkbox in your list view to do the selection and De-selection of the recipients listed. Then click next.

Choose the best email templates Salesforce. Are you aware that you cannot send mass email using the visual force email template? Now you know. Optionally, you can click the preview links to see all the templates. When sending the email, the data from your recipients records are included in the email by the merge fields. After which you click the next button. On your confirmation page, make sure that you select from the given options:

-BCC me on 1 message

-Store the activities for every message

-Use the signature

-The mass email name

The Delivery Section, Make Sure That You do the Following Activities and You Will Know How to Send Mass Email in Salesforce

Select the send now option, followed by select schedule for your delivery, click the date to specify when the Salesforce should send your email. You can also use drop- down menu tab to specify the time zone. Click the send button to submit your mass email after which you can click the finish button to complete the email.

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