The Top 3 Salesforce Tutorials in Detail

Everyone benefits from Salesforce training including junior employees and the sales managers. However, in order for this training to be highly effective, it’s quite important that it is offered on a flexible and easy-to-use platform. We talk about the 3 Salesforce tutorials that can help you advance your strategies and skills.


3 Salesforce Tutorials That Can Help You Learn From Scratch

1. Simplilearn Salesforce Tutorials Simplilearn training entails wide array of functions, applications and features required to enhance Salesforce implementation. The training also provides configuration and management options for certified Admins that are available across collaboration clouds and services. Each tutorial provides a clear understanding of the Salesforce platform alongside strategic optimization of its applications.


The main goal of the training is to impart necessary skill sets and knowledge for designing customized applications and analytics by use of declarative features on the platform. As a learner you will expect to be equipped with the ability to identify business logic, data models, customize applications and UI design. This certification will help you understand the value of sales and revenue forecasts, which actually gives you a competitive edge. The complete Simplilearn Salesforce Tutorials recommend a combination of Administrator and Developer courses both which can be undertaken through the Season Pass module.


2. Udemy Salesforce Tutorials Whether you are an experienced programmer or new to computers Udemy offers you an opportunity to learn Salesforce step by step at your own pace. Some courses included cover both admin and developer parts among them topics like Profiles, Objects, App, Workflows, Apex Controllers, Triggers etc.

  Once you subscribe you will get over 50 Salesforce tutorials and 8 hours worth of content. Their curriculum is divided into 4 sections namely:

1) Salesforce administration step by step complete hands-on section 2) Salesforce programming step by step 3) Salesforce help desk training 4) Analytics 5) Practice questions for certification


The best thing about this course is that it comes with 30 day money back guarantee with forever access to Salesforce video tutorials. You can access it on the go, on your Desktop or your Android or iOS device.


3. WalkMe for Salesforce WalkMe simplifies Salesforce usage by providing step-by-step guidance through interactive tips-balloons that are overlaid on the screen. This means that as a learner you don’t have to actually leave Salesforce to get instructions. Both custom and standard tasks are broken down into short and simple instructions. WalkMe is known for improving efficiency and speed as it uses a content-aware, intelligent design to spot patterns of inefficiency and obfuscation. It then recommends better options and guides you through a set of operations to complete your goal.

The result? Shorter Salesforce training times, a shorter learning curve, in-work performance support and lower training costs. The WalkMe system also tracks and monitors user performance and ensures continuous learning and knowledge retention.



What is Salesforce training all about? Getting the right kind of training can help your organization rapidly improve its operations. It can help you mark a major milestone in your growth path. However, given that in many organizations resources are tight, it is imperative to adopt a tutorial that is highly effective and flexible. The top three Salesforce tutorials described above offer an ideal training package for all.

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