Top 6 Salesforce Apps to Boost Productivity

  Salesforce is a great cloud-based CRM platform, which gives businesses the opportunities to manage almost every part of their sales activities. However, beyond basic adoption of the core platform, companies can benefit from an even higher productivity by adding Salesforce apps, some of which are built by the top developers worldwide. Here is our selection for 6 Salesforce apps you should utilize in order to boost productivity:  

1. WalkMe

  WalkMe provides a great tool to train new Salesforce users, or to streamline change management within Salesforce, in order to ensure that productivity does not slip. An interactive online guidance and engagement platform, WalkMe helps managers to simplify Salesforce usage for their team members, enabling them, as they work, to easily and successfully complete their desired tasks. Salesforce users no longer need to focus on the technical aspects of operating the software, freeing them to become more productive and avoid errors.  

2. Campaign Calendar

  If you wish to administer your campaign data in an easy and interactive way with Salesforce, then Campaign Calendar is for you. This innovative app is able to present both annual and monthly calendar views, and it’s got a range of features that will definitely captivate you. First of all, it features a drag and drop interface that’s a breeze to use and color coding that will help you highlight the important events. In addition, it also presents customizable calendar views, customizable field sets and full integration with Chatter. Thus, there’s no reason not to give this one a run.  

3. DreamTeam Project Management

  Named as the #1 project & portfolio management app by Salesforce users, DreamTeam Project Management brings a wide selection of interesting facilities. First of all, it offers comprehensive management for projects, documents and resources. It’s also able to provide collaborative calendaring, portfolio reporting and time & expense sectioning. Finally, it’s able to ensure a successful project workflow in only a few steps. The application integrates seamlessly into your everyday work tasks, and the reliability it provides is truly essential in a busy work environment.

4. Get Satisfaction

  The Get Satisfaction app is able to bring the employee-to-customer and the customer-to-customer relations one step closer to one another. More specifically, it is able to bring the customer conversations from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter directly to the users’ websites. The conversations are imported directly into the Salesforce platform for increased sales and a quicker resolution. Thus, you are able to access them from wherever you are via an iPhone or Android-based mobile devices and deliver quick answers to your customers’ questions and queries.  

5. Sales Contest Builder

  The Sales Contest Builder app by LevelEleven allows any sales manager or Salesforce administrator to create innovative sales contests in few easy steps. Also within the app, the managers present the ability to influence and motivate sales staff. This can be done by building a sales pipeline, advancing sales closing opportunities, providing sales leads or pitching specific products. The app also enables owners to hold contests which are focused on closing sales or to drive the Salesforce adoption. This results in a huge time save for any Salesforce admin, whilst guaranteeing a better motivation of the employees.  

6. Engage: Gamification for Salesforce

  Engage is a Salesforce app which takes advantage of the gamification principles to help users manage their goals and track their progress, all in real time and in a very enticing way. What’s more, the app allows employees to compare to one another via a live scoreboard, which can be personalized according to your company’s needs. All in all, Engage is a fun tool which will make your workers happy and boost your company’s productivity at the same time.   These are 6 Salesforce apps that will help you enhance the productivity in your company. Of course, there are many more interesting ones available on the AppExchange, but you surely won’t regret giving these a second look.  

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