Top 7 Salesforce Apps for Large Enterprises

Technology has really changed a lot of things these days; from the way people smoke to how they carry out various businesses through salesforce apps. However, just like any other field, there are the best among the others. Here are the top seven best salesforce apps particularly for large enterprises. 1. Email to case premium This app is great for improving customer relationship management. It works through the email system, allowing support representatives to respond faster to emails compared to using the standard email systems and to the better satisfaction of the customers. 2. Account Dashboards This app makes tracking the enterprise’s performance easy no matter the volume of transactions. It presents to you with comprehensive and stylish charts, which show you sales information. You may choose to view the sales information by month or by year and base it on any aspect of the enterprise you wish. You may for instance monitor the sales of a particular product. 3. Red-hot News Many of the things happening around large enterprises locality usually affect them, and knowing what is happening when helps owners be prepared. That is where this app comes in. It is one of the best salesforce apps since it notifies the user of the news and events happening around them as they happen on the home tab, accounts and even contacts, keeping them in the know all the time. 4. Cruncher This app acts as a free database for investors, technology companies, enterprises, and people in general. It allows the user to keep up to date with the people linked to his/her enterprise, providing interrelated people with contacts and helpful details about each other. It is a great way to connect with people who may be of help to you. What is even greater is that it is all free. 5. GoToAssist This app gains its position among the top seven salesforce apps owing to its vital and unique functions. It allows an enterprise technical support to launch remote sessions from their workstation without leaving the website. It saves time and lessens work. 6. Field trip If you visit many of the large enterprises’ websites, you will notice existence of information, which dates from way back, information that may even send the wrong signal to a potential customer. This app runs queries from object to object and analyzes the percentage data of the records that have the specific fields on the website populated. It then makes it easier for the technical team or website’s admin to clean up and consolidate the pages. 7. Quote of the day Running a large enterprise is no easy task, and some strong sensible words to keep you moving on from time to time would really come in handy. This is one of the most unique salesforce apps. It displays motivational words to the user each morning to get them through the day. Furthermore, the enterprises team of workers on the public charter where they can comment and discuss about it, promoting unity, and the enterprise consequently, can share it. These top seven salesforce apps will definitely do wonders and make work easier for your large enterprise if put into proper considerations.
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