Top Companies Using Salesforce Today

Salesforce is a leader in cloud computing. It excels in the social realm, provides a platform to the sales and marketing world and has great mobile technology. With Salesforce, companies can connect with their teams, partners and even customers – on the cloud. Going in this high-tech direction not only saves companies money; but improves efficiency.

There are over 100,000 top companies using Salesforce today. This article highlights 3 big names. 1. Toyota Motor Corporation This giant automaker has embraced a new way to communicate with customers and work within the company. Toyota uses Salesforce Chatter in a platform called Toyota Friend. The private social networking service has allowed the corporation to communicate with other dealerships as well as its own staff members. Through Chatter, employees of the company – in over 170 -countries have a seamless network that allows for prompt communication and attention to urgent matters. The ‘sharing element’ is invaluable, as stated by the President and CEO Akio Toyoda.

As far as customers are concerned, Toyota owners can interact while they connect to family and friends on other social networks (like Twitter and Facebook).

2. GE General Electric is well known for consumer electronics, power generation and health care appliances (GE Aviation is another line that has become well established in the market). In an attempt to become more social and to connect with more customers, the company chose to use Salesforce’s CRM cloud service. This platform has connected sales departments and marketing departments into one interactive coordinated team. In addition, Salesforce Chatter has enhanced real-time data collection, according to GE’s CMO, Beth Comstock.

3. Facebook This social media giant ties in all of its systems using the Salesforce Cloud. Facebook prides itself in having a billion users. Managing its processes has been made easy, by the Saleforce platform. Salesforce enables Facebook to keep track of ads (as well as advertisers), contacts and all account information. New employees are easily integrated as well. As the company grows (exponentially), Salesforce can adapt to this growth.

There are hundreds of thousands of top companies using Salesforce, and it’s not hard to see why. Although I’ve only listed 3 companies, Salesforce can be found everywhere. There are many features and applications that meet the demands of big and growing businesses, and they will only continue to grow.

Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.