Understanding Salesforce Closed Loop Reporting

Closed loop reporting is an important aspect for any business and it demonstrates the value of work to your seniors the whole workplace and the clients as well. It is mostly appropriate for marketers who use it to their benefit because it helps them improve on their marketing. Closed loop reporting basically involves all sales teams who report to marketing about certain aspects of their work and what exactly transpired. This in turn helps marketing understand the best and worst of the said information. This type of marketing mostly relies on data and various insights from closed loop reporting. The whole concept for the sales people involves connecting marketing certain marketing software and customer relationship management software. Depending on the results and leads the marketers get from the sales teams they use the information to plan in a more strategic way for the future by focusing on the best leads they are given by the sales team. This is usually a process because they end up having to sift through the best leads and identify the most suitable one that will help them understand who had the best conversion rate to customers. The best conversion rates to customers are what determine most things. By looking at the best leads that actually bring new customers to the organization you will be able to identify the ways needed to attract even better customers and bring them into the organization. The more the customers the more the business tends to become a success. To give practical examples on exactly how Salesforce closed loop reporting works you can compare the number of sales from two platforms that are commonly used and that require data use. You compare the number of sales from social media marketing like Twitter and Facebook then you compare them to the number of sales from email marketing. As you compare the two you will discover that email marketing has a higher lead to customer rate than the other social media platforms, once you get the results the appropriate action would be to try and increase the social media leads by matching them with the targeted email messages. With closed loop data you are able to compare effectiveness of a lot of the platforms in respect to customer acquisition. All these data can help you build your own authority and you can be able to boost your relationship with the bosses as well. This is because the strategies you come up with shows you are driven by evidence and that you do not rely on evidence that is not there or assumptions as well. The whole concept also helps you build marketing presentations which you can use during company meetings. Salesforce closed loop reporting is a very essential thing in marketing and as clearly shown it helps you determine a lot of things that will boost your efficiency at work. Salesforce closed loop reporting has many advantages than disadvantages and if properly used and managed can be very effective in the workplace. So never worry about which procedures to use just ensure you use the right one that will guarantee good results.  
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