Understanding Volunteer Management Salesforce

Most non-profit making organizations depend on volunteers to keep them running, which is why understanding the Volunteer Management Salesforce as a tool will work in your favor. Since the task of managing volunteers is never a simple one and requires a lot of time and effort for it to be successful, that is why there is one system that enables all its volunteers to be recorded in a single database that allows easy communication with them and easy tracking of their schedules.

Volunteer Management Salesforce Overview

Volunteer management Salesforce is one system that provides the required tools to effectively manage your organization’s volunteer program. You will effectively track your volunteers, the hours they have put in, all the ongoing volunteer jobs and events, their shifts, specific duties and just about everything about your volunteers and their duties. Some of the ways that the volunteer Salesforce can help various organizations are as follows:-

Volunteer Jobs and the Shifts

You can track your volunteers without getting mixed up. You will know who your volunteers are, their duties in your organization , their shifts and any available shifts that are vacant that still need volunteers. You will know the specific skills required for any volunteer position available. The shifts that are vacant will tell you the exact time and the required number of volunteers needed.

Time Recording

Time is very important in every organization which is why the system effectively tracks the number of hours your volunteers are putting in. This will definitely make the making of the yearly report simple since you have a clear record of time. The volunteer hours are usually tracked along with the roles and shifts for any specific events and then put in a summary on the volunteers’ contact records.

Web Integration

When you incorporate the system into your organization it comes with four different web pages that allow you to host in your official website and manage your volunteer program without hitches. The pages include the following:-
  • A general volunteer signup
  • A display of available jobs (including shifts listing with signup)
  •  A calendar of any available jobs & shifts
  • A page where the volunteer will record the hours they have worked for the organization.

The data about your volunteer jobs is automatically updated when new information is filled in and the signup information is put into the Salesforce database without any additional work on your part as an organization.

Mass Email

It is possible to keep in touch with all your volunteers thanks to the system’s ability to email everyone who is signed up for the job, campaign or shift at a go. This feature simplifies matters a lot because you are now able to email hundreds of volunteers at a go. You can email shift directions, the waiver forms, or thank you messages for their active participation in your organization or an event. There are also automatic emails that are simply reminders for any upcoming jobs or shifts for volunteers. Find out how to send mass email salesforce.

Management Of Recurring Jobs

In some instances you might find cases where the volunteer job shifts recur because a volunteer has resumed their position again. It would be easy to manage such information because it will automatically update itself. You are therefore able to assign volunteers for a specific job that falls on a recurring schedule.

Reporting and Dashboards

There is a full set of reports and useful dashboards to enable you to manage and analyze your organization’s volunteer program. It becomes easy to know who the most active volunteers are and how many volunteers and hours will be available for your organization to benefit from every year.

The Language Localization

In case your organization signs up non-English speaking volunteers, the system enables you to have signup forms in their language thanks to the language localization feature. The feature allows you to offer your non-English speaking volunteers fully localizable online forms and fully localizable Salesforce pages. This allows non-English speaking volunteers to understand the jobs in your organization and what they are all about.

Very Customizable

With this system, it is also possible to add as many fields as possible in order to meet the needs of your organization. It is possible to integrate these newly created fields into the management screens. This is possible through the use of the Salesforce field sets.

The Portals & Communities

Through the use of portals and communities, organizations are able provide a platform for their volunteers to interact and share their experiences. They are also able to get access to any current information related to your organization. This is a great platform for volunteers to voice their opinions and adjust well to your organization’s work environment.

Volunteers are an integral part of any non-profit making organization. It is important that they are well monitored and their interests are met. Having a well managed database with all the information regarding volunteers is important. It enables the organization’s management to give accurate reports about their volunteers, write recommendation letters based on the actual work of the volunteer. It is also important to know who the real important volunteers are and the ones that are not really putting in some significant work. This will also enable the organization to choose its volunteers based on their track records. From the volunteers, organizations have been able to choose an effective workforce that will enable the organization to grow from level to level.

Most organizations without adequate recording of their volunteers have found themselves not having accurate data or even not knowing who their volunteers are and what exactly they are doing. This is definitely not ideal for any serious non-profit making organization that intends to impact society. A well managed data system is the ideal way to control information within the organization and avoid security breaches, disorganization or crucial information falling into the wrong hands. It is also a great way to avoid taking in more volunteers than the organization requires or taking less volunteers. The organization will run smoothly with a good system in place and every information will be accessible by any relevant parties who require it.

Many non- profit making organizations are turning to Volunteer Management Salesforce system to enable them effective run the volunteer program.
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