Using Box for Salesforce – Your Complete Guide

Box for Salesforce enables you to share and access content that is stored in Box from within Salesforce record. It is the file sharing network that saves and stores all the information that is uploaded by customers to their websites. This integration provides the customers and websites to establish a well organized, informative and full functioning file sharing network. Users can also edit the shared files and can also upload photos and documents to the shared files folder. These photos and documents can also be shared outside the Box as the other users are also provided with the rights to view these shared files. The core of services offered by Box is based on collaborating, sharing and working with the files which are uploaded to the Box. It offers three types of account which includes personal, business and enterprise. With the different type of account, Box provides features which include administrative controls, custom branding and unlimited storage and it is also integrated with third party applications like Salesforce. Therefore, Box for Salesforce helps you in getting your work done in a more efficient and faster manner. Your team can also collaborate on proposal, contracts and presentations so that they can share it with their customers with easy accessibility from any of the devices. It also enables you to take advantage of full functionality of the box from within Salesforce record so that you can access, share and store files externally or internally which includes sales presentations, marketing assets and product information. It also enables you to keep teams within your organization in sync with the content that has been shared, downloaded or previewed by your collaborators. It also enables the content to be updated, approved and accessed from any of the mobile devices that helps in increasing the business velocity and allows you to close all the business deals faster. You can get Box for Salesforce free of cost for users with a Box plan. It is available in the updated integration that leverages the box embed to add all workflow and collaboration functionality of box to all the content that are accesses with the Salesforce record. Along with the new look of integration, the Box also makes the users more productive by providing new user interface that helps in bringing all the collaboration features of the box inside the Salesforce record which includes access management, tasks, comments and Box edit. This  also provides drag and drop functionality for the uploading of the content quickly to Box with the Salesforce. You can also preview all your files from with the records as it also provides easier navigation through the entire box of the folder tree without the need of leaving the Salesforce record. You can also search all the content of the box, share all the files quickly with the help of email, create subfolders with the different groups of the collaborators, assign actions and add comments to the specific documents and access all the partner applications of the Box and file actions from within the Salesforce. You can get the box functionality in 2 different levels within the Salesforce which includes : Box Tab–  Box is available as tab inside the Salesforce and with this global level, organization will be able to store collateral, proposals, and contract templates so that the sales teams can use it with all customers and prospects. Record Level Folders- Sales teams can even creates the box folders at the customer record level. This folder will be specific to those customer records and is accessed by every people who can access those customer records. Sales teams can even create subfolders with the permission of others so that the customers can be invited for collaborating on these subfolders. This integration provides a very good opportunity to work jointly on contract, proposals and product specification with the help of box for Salesforce.
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