Using Salesforce Connect for Office

Salesforce connect for Office is providing various great add-ins for Microsoft Office programs, so it could be quite helpful for anyone who wants to use Salesforce database on Excel or Word. In Microsoft Office Excel you can easily access all of your Salesforce reports, and in Microsoft Office Word you can simply create various mail merging templates to use with Salesforce. Here are more in-depth details about proper installation and usage of Salesforce connect for Microsoft Office. Installation of Connect for Microsoft Office Installation process is relatively easy and simple task, so you probably won’t have any major troubles with installing it properly. Firstly, you will need to close all of the Microsoft Office programs if they are running in background of your PC, and from top of Salesforce page click on Setup > My Settings. After that, you have to click on Desktop Integrations > Connect for Office and the click it to Install. Click Yes, and you should promptly be set for installation of Salesforce connect system for Microsoft Office. After your installation was finally completed, you will need to open either Excel or Word, and check if your newly installed toolbar has drop down menu for Salesforce. This is pretty much the whole installation process, and after that, you are ready to use connect for Microsoft Office. Using Excel Add-In Connect for Excel add-in is successfully integrating Salesforce reports on Excel, so it can be quite useful for anyone who likes to use Excel for their reports. With this add-in, everyone can import data from Salesforce onto Excel and easily apply formatting and formulas. It is also greatly useful for combining different data sets by using Excel VLOOKUP function, and it can be greatly helpful with refreshing Excel data with information data from Salesforce. Using this add-in is quite easy, and you can simply access it through drop down menu after choosing ‘Import Existing Reports’ option. In your dialog box, you should select the correct report from your list and specify the correct worksheet from where your data should be imported. After that, you will just have to choose raw data for importing and click on OK. Using Word Add-In Word add-in can be quite helpful with proper mail merging templates that could later be used in Salesforce. With this add-in you can easily create documents which could incorporate Salesforce data, access comprehensive list of proper Salesforce merging field and easily merge updated database onto your documents. It can also be used for quick generation of quotes, letter and personalized proposals. Using this add-in is also quite easy, and to properly use it, you would just need to open Microsoft Word, login onto your account and then finally create mail merging templates. Then, it is needed to select ‘Inset Merge Field’ option from your Salesforce menu, and in the dialog box select the proper types of field. Click insert once you have chosen the appropriate options. To summarize up, using Salesforce connect for Office is quite easy and helpful, so it is highly recommended for anyone who is already using Salesforce services.
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