The Benefits of Using Salesforce CTI Integration

What is Salesforce CTI Integration?

The Salesforce CTI integration is a system combines both the customer relationship management (CRM) and the computer telephony integration (CTI) systems. It is one of the Salesforce tips and tricks that enable employees to combine data and call functionalities into one smooth and efficient system.


Benefits to the Company

After installing this system, the next question becomes: what is Salesforce CTI’s benefit to the company? The system provides data on an incoming call, even before the agent picks up the call. This is the basic data that has been gleaned from the Salesforce database, thereby providing the agent with a quick preview of the direction the call should head.


With the Salesforce CTI integration system, call agents are able to reduce the average handle time by an average of 20 seconds. When this is multiplied to the thousands of calls that come in on a daily basis, the results are efficient and cost-saving.

Automatic call logs are another distinct advantage of using the system. In some cases, employees forget to manually log calls and vital information is lost in the process. However, when using the Salesforce CTI integration, all call logs are automatically saved after the call ends. This provides future reference for any new account information on a lead and enables effective supervision on how handles are called.


This system also comes with a one-click dial feature which serves to prevent misdialing. This feature allows the caller to just click on the lead’s number that they would like to call, and the call dials itself, without having to double-check the number. This saves both time and effort, resulting in a more efficient workforce.

The call control provided by this system is also quite impressive. It allows anyone handling the calls to make, receive, hold, transfer and even conference others into the call, without having to leave the system or perform complicated actions with a phone.


Benefits to the Clients

Clients also benefit from the Salesforce CTI integration from the satisfaction they receive when dealing with employees who use the system. For instance, with the reduced average handle time of calls, clients spend less time on the phone. More is achieved in a short call making the calls worthwhile and effective. The reduced AHT also ensures that there are more free call agents, thereby reducing the call wait time that is sometimes experienced when making calls. Clients are able to get through faster, resulting in more business deals and happy clients.


The redundancy of clients having to continually introduce themselves and provide basic information is also eliminated, since screen pops provide this information to the call agent.

Since the Salesforce CTI integration provides quick basic information to all call agents, clients do not have to repeat the details of a previous call when they are transferred to a new agent, or when they are cut off and need to call back again. With call agents receiving the best Salesforce training, they are able to access any relevant information and proceed with assisting the client, without wasting time.

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