The Benefits of Using Salesforce Mass Email

The top rated Salesforce mass email application is quickly becoming a must have program for any serious business. Effective email communication with clients is essential for keeping good working relationship and overall success in modern businesses. With Salesforce mass email customer relationship program, managing and keeping loyal customers is simplified and highly optimized for your company’s benefit. Here are some of the top benefits of using Salesforce application for your business.


Retaining Customers without Difficulty

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important tasks that determine the success or failure of businesses. CRM is all about managing the relationship you have with your customers so as to win their trust and keep them loyal to you. As it is widely known, sometimes getting new clients is not as difficult as keeping them loyal.

Salesforce mass email programs have for the past years helped both small and big businesses get and keep their clients intact. Sales, marketing and customer service are some of the major areas that Salesforce focus on as they help you keep clients through mass email messaging. Some of the packages offered by these CRM experts will allow you to send unlimited numbers of emails to your customer contacts without the any of the messages being marked as spam. This will ensure that most of your clients will get to read the messages in time and therefore greatly improve on the relationship between the two of you. With improved relationship, your customer’s loyalty will be enhanced significantly.  

Salesforce Mass Email Salesforce Mass Email Tracking

As a businessperson, you would like to know how many of your mass emails were read by your clients, how many were marked as spam and how many did not reach your target audience. All these can easily be achieved by using Salesforce technology to reach out to your client list. If well utilized, Salesforce mass email tracking program can let you know if your HTML email was delivered and opened.


The best Salesforce training programs on how to effectively utilize this platform are available online. These training aids will help you know if there are any links on the emails that were clicked on by your customers or how to send mass emails in Salesforce without messing up the system. Apart from helping you track the HTML emails, you will also learn to code up full HTML emails and how to make an email letterhead that includes your branding. With these types of tools readily at your disposal, it is quite clear that you will reap a lot of benefits if you send mass email in Salesforce using the most fitting email templates.


Works well with Third Party Email Service Providers (ESPs)

Salesforce mass email program is not developed to stick only to native email senders. You can easily connect your Salesforce customer contacts to a third-party ESP and still record great results in terms of customer relationship management. This is a big plus to Salesforce considering the fact that some companies providing similar services do not allow such important links. If your mass email sender package limits the number of messages you can send in every 24 hours, then linking it with a third party ESP can help you send more emails than your daily limits. For example, most Salesforce packages do not allow users to exceed 1,000 emails in every 24 hours.


This can be huge hindrance to businesses with big numbers of customers who exceed this amount. Such businesses are advised to link their Salesforce accounts with third party email service providers in order to reach out to the big number of clients. Hopefully, these top tips on how to send mass email in Salesforce and the benefits you should expect will give you enough push to sign up for an account with this leading CRM company. If you already have an account, then download the Salesforce software today and start your journey to effective customer communication for overall success in your business.

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