Velocify Salesforce Review

Velocify Salesforce enables your sales department to put more of their energy in selling as it provides solutions for most of the sales tasks. To effectively turn the leads made by the sales team into actual sales, you’ll want to consider this application. The software stands out because of the millions of leads it has assisted to turn into clients.
Leads from the internet need to be managed effectively and so this system is ideal for business dealing in valuable merchandise and services.


Velocify Salesforce Review


The design of the program is brilliant and has a lot of beneficial features. The features are also continually upgraded to ensure that performance and quality remains high.

One of the most popular features is the integrated intelligent dialer. There are more calls made by the users because of the Click to Dial capability. Calls are made faster because of the shotgun connect feature and sharing of leads made possible by the Pull Distribution feature.

The user is able to define what a lead needs to have for it to be considered a priority using the Lead Prioritization feature. One the leads have been prioritized, the sales team can focus more on the leads with the higher prospects and guaranteed to increase their sales.

The up to five days for ramp up provided for the users makes it more user friendly. Caller ID provides customers with the area code in their local region with the help of the Local Caller ID feature.

To determine whether your selling is successful, you need to know how you are progressing and this program helps you learn the result of your marketing efforts. You are also able to track the leads to applications and applications to loans.

Apart from tracking actions, the system has reminder capability too. It provides for the storage of crucial reminders upon which an alert will be given to the user in the set time and date. The reminders can be updated and followed up on.

Other Features

· Supports emails automatically
· Voice mail message pre recording
· Automation of workflows
· Scoring of leads
· Configuration console
· Integrated sales dialer
· Automated guided selling
· Funnel insights
· Lead distribution with the ability for granular distribution of leads.
· The emails are smart drip and specific on the status.
· Blast email ability
· Calendar Events
· Prioritization
· Duplicate lead management instruments
· Lead routing

Reporting capabilities are comprehensive and strong enough to keep the management informed on the program’s activities. Reporting is available for both the ad hoc and the canned reports.

Advantages of the Velocify Salesforce software

Selling strategies are more fruitful and the sales team is able to maintain certain sales practices. The relationship between the sales team and the clients also gets a boost as the salespersons do not forget about any leads. The responses to clients are always made on time too.

Response to leads is done fast and effectively. With just a click of a button, one can contact with more than one client send multiple emails and do several follow ups at the same time. Navigating your way around the system is not complex either.

Velocify has a good track record in the sales industry making it choice one can trust to integrate into their business. The company behind the system has received an award from the LEADER Awards for sales management success.

The security of data in the system is in addition guaranteed with measures taken to protect data from unauthorized access.

One can also get the information they need explained in a comprehensive manner. The customer service is great with the staff being knowledgeable and with a positive attitude. The quality and customer support has always remained high. Problems are taken care of early enough with details of their causes provided as well. These experts also provide their clients with best practices with the use of the velocify software ensuring that their get maximum benefits from it.

Leads are effectively managed regardless of the source and mapping these leads and assigning them is made easy. Keeping track of all these leads is also made possible.

Velocify comes with video demonstrations and training sessions and once one becomes familiar with the system, it is quite user friendly. However, even with the best salesforce training demonstrations, it is always good to try out the system first before purchasing the product. Making maximum use of the tutorials provided is advised before one starts to use the system.

The effectiveness of the sales team will definitely be improved with an increase in field and inside sales which means more income for the company.

Regardless of where one is, they can still access the information on leads with the use of the velocify iphone application. This definitely makes selling and sales management more convenient. The ramp time is also faster and selling is steadier with the help of this system.

Management is also able to predict their progress in sales and raise their marketing and sales opportunities too. New leads are sent to the sales team in time and it the system makes saving and retrieving of data when needed possible.

The velocify system can also be modified to fit the enterprises’ work model. It can be customized to serve any business regardless of its size and industry making it really flexible.


This software is ideal for the companies selling their services and or products using email or telephone whether they are large or small.

Based on customer reviews, Velocify Salesforce has a brilliant design with a robust interface and quality features and performance. It simplifies marketing and increases revenue allowing the management to monitor the activities of the sales team as well as their performance and control selling even better. Users pay for it depending on the number of users and payment is done every month.

Do not be in a rush to use this application without properly getting to know how it works. It has quite a number of features and can be complex at first; one can get confused especially if they are not properly familiarized with it. Take the time to get to know Velocify Salesforce and ensure your sales department sees the best results.

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