Verticalresponse Salesforce Review

What’s all the big hubbub about the VerticalResponse Salesforce app? What exactly does VerticalResponse do for you, that would inspire you to make yet more additions to Salesforce, and have to set up yet more training for your CRM staff? Well, VerticalResponse is a great form of customer courtesy, engagement and also a way of keeping them informed in an organic way. With VerticalResponse, you can send mass mails, postcards of custom design, distribute this stuff over the increasingly hot social network channels, and much more. VerticalResponse, along with a more traditional mass mailing system like AWeber or MailChimp, is a great way to continue outreach and keep your customers informed readily. So, how does VerticalResponse for Salesforce change the game? Well, if it can integrate directly with your CRM (which is the best CRM software by popular opinion), you can skip a messy step. You could, in theory, avoid the need for a person to spend time out of their busy schedule reviewing records in Salesforce, and then going over to these other systems and setting up mailing and postcard campaigns. If it integrates directly like this, it can just pull the data on a schedule, and do it itself, right? Exactly. But, that’s all nonsense if the app doesn’t work. That’s the billion dollar question – does this thing work the way we want? Yeah, it does. This Salesforce app works splendidly and easily, installing with just a few clicks of a button. It brings into Salesforce easy dashboards to set up the mailing campaigns and postcard systems of VerticalResponse, and it can be very easily scheduled on any kind of timeframe you want, or be set off whenever you need at a moment’s notice. It can pull information directly from any Salesforce data you want to map it to, and the mapping is so easy a cat could do it. Bonus points for anyone who actually trains their housecat to run the app. So, if you want the power of VerticalResponse, and you want the award winning CRM competence of Salesforce, then you’re in luck, because this is absolutely a perfect integration of the two of them. I should say that you might also, as said before, want to use a more traditional mailer too such as MailChimp or AWeber. Fortunately, there are apps for Salesforce to integrate them just as splendidly, so you can truly have your cake and eat it too. This is just another example of why Salesforce is constantly winning comparisons against other leading CRM models. Salesforce can integrate so many award winning solutions like this, where others just aren’t pulling that off. So, when you’re not sure of the CRM solution that’s best for you, remember that things like the VerticalResponse Salesforce app are perfect examples of why Salesforce’s features are literally limitless as long as intrepid extension developers keep bringing in more award winning third party services in, making it a super CRM service that does more than just CRM. Other CRM services may have a similar app to this one, but none of them are as easy or as natively-integrated, and you can count on it.
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