WalkMe at Dreamforce Conference ‘16: What You Have Missed & What We Learned

  Every year, Salesforce brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers and thousands of their end users for four days of high-energy fun and networking at the annual Dreamforce conference in downtown San Francisco.   To say that this year’s Dreamforce was a huge success would be an understatement. From October 4th-7th, 170,000 participants kept busy tuning into keynote speakers, attending the more than 2,000 speaker sessions and experiencing the various live learning sessions across the many venues in town.   The internet is full of buzz surrounding the week’s events which included Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s Keynote, the Dream Pitch Competition, and the Fireside chat with Melinda Gates and Robin Roberts. Even U2 was present at Dreamforce this year to grace the Dreamfest stage and help raise awareness about (RED)’s mission to eliminate new cases of HIV by 2020 and raise $10 million in funds for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.   There was never a dull moment and we at WalkMe definitely had our hands full on top of all that!


WalkMe Makes its Presence Felt at #DF16

  We were excited to be back at Dreamforce this year after having had quite a successful run the year before. Ultimately we wanted to be there once again with our customers and partners to show what we can do at WalkMe and Dreamforce participants were receptive to the experience we offered, including #ExperienceWalkMe Selfie Sticks!   During the Dreamforce conference days itself, WalkMe made its presence felt numerous ways:  

WalkMe VIP dinner party

  dream   We kicked off our Dreamforce ’16 journey on October 3rd by hosting a dinner party for global WalkMe for Salesforce customers. WalkMe CEO Dan Adika and President Rafi Sweary led the team in welcoming 42 VIPs from Zendesk, Shell, FedEx, Mastercard, CenturyLink, PayPal, Intuit, and Visa just to name a few.   Our small group of representatives from as close as Palo Alto and as far as the United Kingdom came to delight in Italian fare and engaging conversation. It was an intimate gathering that we were fortunate enough to have early in the week in preparation for the inspiring four days that followed. Here are some photos I snapped at the dinner event.  

WalkMe booths at DF ’16

  First and foremost, our daily engagement was through the WalkMe booths at  #420 and #1840, both in Moscone South. There, we held demos of the WalkMe platform on Salesforce. WalkMe simplifies Salesforce usage by providing on-screen, step-by-step guidance at the moment of need and removes the barriers related to software migration to increase user productivity while reducing training time and costs.     dream2     5  

Speaker Sessions

  Apart from giving demos at our booths, we were also fortunate enough to be featured in two speaker sessions at Dreamforce ‘16. The sessions dove into the ways product companies can leverage WalkMe to navigate through Salesforce and make things simpler for their end users.   The first speaker was CenturyLink Senior Lead Process Analyst, Shelley Huber. CenturyLink Inc. is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States and operates more than 55 data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia.   Her 20-minute session, titled How to Leverage Salesforce to Build a Killer and More Productive Sales Team was held at the Partner Theater 3 in Moscone South. Shelley described how WalkMe helped CenturyLink take their Salesforce onboarding to the next level by providing an in-platform solution, curtailing training time and decreasing navigation errors for their users.     4   You can see my live interview with Shelley at Dreamforce here.   You can also learn from her presentation here.   Two days later, on October 6th, Brian Gontarski VP, Global Talent Development and Sales Excellence at MasterCard led a session called Our CRM Learning Journey: Strategies for End-user Enablement. He described how MasterCard’s training has evolved to include the use of up and coming cutting edge learning technology to drive sales engagement on Salesforce. Specifically, Brian shared his experience using WalkMe to accomplish this goal.     6   Click on the link to hear Brian talk about his CRM enablement journey at Dreamforce.  

Ending Dreamforce with a Bang

  Last, but certainly not the least, was the WalkMe Dreamforce party. Thanks to our sponsors, Apttus, MindTouch, KZO Innovations, Octiv Skedulo and LevelEleven, thousands of our people came together on Tuesday at Love + Propaganda.   With beats curated for us by Nima Mostafavi, the night was definitely set for dancing and letting loose. There was plenty to eat and drink and guests were able to remember the night by posing in front of the camera at our photo booth. See more of what happened that night here.     7   So much happened within the four days – and so quickly! I can’t believe another Dreamforce has passed. It’s was an amazing experience to immerse ourselves in an environment where innovation is alive and thriving and to meet people from all over who share the same interests. It was a week of exchanging ideas, learning about advances in technology and pushing boundaries in technology.   Another Dreamforce has come and gone and of course, we here at WalkMe are thankful for the chance to share our passion. We hope to see you again next year!  
Emilia D'Anzica is VP of Customer Engagement at WalkMe. She works in conjunction with customer Advocacy Programs and Customer Lifecycle Marketing and comes with great knowledge in the field of Customer Success.