WalkMe’s New Salesforce SuperTool Makes Searching MUCH More Effective

How many times have you found yourself short on time at work? I assume the answer is “every day.”   Working with Salesforce requires sifting through a lot of information in a short time span and, in many cases, juggling between various responsibilities. This is why we’re constantly looking for simple solutions that’ll help us get things done faster and more efficiently.   It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but something that’ll help us get the small things out of the way.   Pulling data quickly, for instance, is critical to our workflow, productivity, and overall experience when using Salesforce. We usually find information via Salesforce search which is available on both the Salesforce site and the Salesforce1 App.   But what if we could find information faster and speed up our workflow?   WalkMe’s Salesforce SuperSearch is a free extension that lets you view any field of a Salesforce record – directly in the search bar!   The new search feature intelligently auto-completes search requests, as you type, and shows you dynamic results. It displays results for any field within your Salesforce records, including contact information and custom field values. super-search-gif1 This tool is guaranteed to make our lives much easier, by making a small action such as searching much simpler and allowing us to focus more on our many responsibilities.  

To save you the search time (see what I did there?), here’s a link to a FREE download

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