Weekly Roundup- Top 5 Salesforce articles and tips!

I can’t seem to shake off DF! Well, maybe it’s because my inbox is about to burst from all these post-Dreamforce emails… Anyway, this week’s list contains two awesome and amusing DF articles, as well as important backup and data migration tips. Check them out!  

10 Features every Salesforce Professional should know:

What can I say? Ben McCarthy is a Salesforce blogger I truly look up to. His posts are well written, informative and often very inspiring- even when he’s writing about very “technical” issues, he somehow manages to put that special touch on it that makes it an enjoyable read. This post is no exception.
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Salesforce Backup Best Practices: 12 Tips for Success:

The last of four articles in the series, Backupify summarizes it all up for you, compiling a great set of helpful tips that are bound to keep you on top of your game and avoid getting cornered if something breaks down. (Written by Michaela Scampoli)  

15 Tips on Salesforce Data Migration:

This Awesome slideshare takes you step by step through everything that’s worth taking into consideration before moving your company’s data anywhere. These tips will help you migrate data in the cleanest, most thorough way I can imagine, and even contain steps that might stop you from making an unnecessary data migration. (Made by Naveen Gabrani & Jonathan Osgood)  

Best one liners from Salesforce Dreamforce:

Not an article- more like a compilation, but this is just too good to be left out of this list. There have been some truly great speakers at DF15′, and a ton of insights- And what a better way to express an idea than in a powerful one liner? Well, CBRonline’s Ambrose McNevin has… *puts sunglasses*   …..lined them up for you.  



9 Reasons Dreamforce 2015 Was the Worst, and the #1 Reason We’ll Keep Going Back:

This one is just too hilarious! Mindtouch’s Matthew Berger gives you a brilliantly written review of DF15′ that lists up the most annoying things that one experiences while attending. Awesome read.  

Top 3 Salesforce Trigger Best Practices

Closing this week’s list is a short yet helpful post I’ve recently written, tackling one of the most daunting tasks a salesforce developer is forced to handle- trigger coding. Here are 3 tips that are bound to ease up your work.    
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