What is Salesforce Cloud Computing?

Nowadays, everybody is talking about cloud computing, and Salesforce cloud computing platform brings it to the top, in today’s business environment. Actually, the Salesforce Inc Company is headquartered at San Fransisco, California. Everybody knows about this company because of its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product, but through the medium of acquisitions, this company is also entering into the Social Enterprise Arena. So what is Salesforce cloud computing? the cloud computing is the recent development, in the business applications sector. Before cloud computing came into the play, all old business applications were very complicated to operate and expensive as well. You had to obtain some high end hardwares and softwares, to run them efficiently, and without the help of the team of highly trained professionals, you couldn’t even install, configure, or update them. With the help of cloud computing, now, you don’t have to manage those complicated hardwares and softwares, because Salesforce would do all those works work for you. With the Salesforce cloud computing, all your cloud based apps can start working within a few days and with much less costs, compared to old and traditional business applications. Nowadays, many business applications are working on a cloud computing platform, like Costumer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, HR and many more. Many big enterprises are coming with the Salesforce because of the security and reliability of their infrastructure. If you decide to come with the Salesforce cloud platform, then the benefits, you can avail, are-
  •  The automatic upgrades, you receive from it, don’t impact the IT resources, in any manner. You don’t have to choose between preserving your hard work or upgrading the system, because all your customizations and integrations are automatically preserved, when an upgrade process happen.
  •  Through this technology, you receive some interesting features like ‘point and click’ and ‘on the fly’ customization, and report generation, for all kinds of users, and because of that, the IT personnels don’t have to spend, half of their time, making small changes and running reports.
  • Some IT professionals think that, the cloud computing is not easy or impossible to customize, and that’s why, switching to this technology can be harmful to their business, but cloud platform, allows their users some deep customization and application configuration.
  •  The simplicity is one of the best feature of this technology, so you don’t have to worry about some heavy hardwares and softwares, and that’s why, it also costs very less.
  • You would also get the benefits, from its Force.com AppExchange, which features thousands of applications, especially built for its cloud computing infrastructure. All of these applications are also pre-integrated with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application of Salesforce.
Salesforce was trying to expand its cloud computing service, and that’s why, it came with a new option, through which, the customers can easily build external website, in no time and that’s service is known as Force.com Sites. It was just an extension of their previous service, Force.com. Conclusion It doesn’t matter, if the businesses are small, mid sized or large, Salesforce cloud computing has created a perfect environment, for those businesses, in which, they don’t have to deal with any traditional softwares, their hidden costs and their unexpected risks.
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