Learn What is Salesforce Email to Case and Streamline Your Business Processes

In Salesforce, case object is frequently used in trucking a constituent problem or issue that requires resolution. Like anything else in the salesforce, it can absolutely be renamed either a request or an issue. Nowadays, so many organizations tend to use email to case so as to get cases into the Salesforce. Once a constituent sends an email to one of the address that you designate, email to case usually creates the case into Salesforce and also auto-populates the case fields out of the content of the message. The Salesforce email to case and the ability to send mass email in Salesforce allows you to simply manage both the incoming and outgoing emails that stem from the clients who need support from your business employees. This particular functionality usually automates the cases which arise from every inquiry in order to ensure that the right agents address the problem as quick as he or she can.


How Do You Set Up Salesforce Email to Case?

The following procedure illustrates the path of creating email templates in Salesforce. • Email to case needs downloading the Salesforce email to case agent, which allows you to keep all the email traffic in your network’s firewall and also accept emails that are larger than 25MB from your customers. • Then install the agent behind that network’s firewall. • Enabling the email to case and configuring your email to case settings is the next step. • Then configure the settings of your routing address so as to customize the manner salesforce handles your customers’ emails. • Then test your email routing address by simply manually sending emails to them and still verify that those emails convert to cases that are based on the settings of their routing address. • Add the email address which you configured to the company’s support website. • Add the emails linked list to the cases page layout. • Finally, creating email templates in Salesforce that agents can use to reply to is essential. These particular templates may include merge fields which display information from the actual email in the reply.


Which are some of the downsides of email templates Salesforce?


Always be careful to pick the Salesforce email to case address for the use of your constituents. Some of the role addresses will get lots of spam. Salesforce usually doesn’t carry out any filtering of spam and therefore you will have a lot of junk cases. To deal with this issue, you can just opt to do nothing and delete those cases once they come in or tweak the filters on your email servers so as to slow down the volume.



There is usually a size limit for the attachments to cases. In fact, the limit is normally 10MB. It may seem like too much but a number of organizations usually deal with quite large files like video and images. This may end up exceeding the limit. Salesforce email to case is definitely a powerful tool that can help you to easily serve your constituents. Customer care services that you do provide your clients with may make or break your business. Therefore, with this tool, the rewards are always worth it.

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